The 2nd China western peak of duck industry forum is met

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Face an international market rise and fall free and easy; Face abominable breed aquatics environment; Face a tradition to raise duck employment to contemporary the change of the course of study that raise duck. The industry that raise duck competes will more hasten is added intense. What course to follow of situation of trade of 7 years of duck? How is duck course of study done big, do strong? How to achieve the growth with duck new job, implementation industrialization, dimensions is changed manage. ……The 2nd China western meeting general brings peak of duck industry forum your brand-new management concept and business chance. For this, we are special invite: Expert of institute of pasturage of courtyard of Chinese farming division, waterfowlHou ShuishengCollege of agriculture of ill authority of researcher China duck, SichuanCheng AnchunTeach ill expert of southwest college professor, birdsHuang WeiLeader of technique of laboratory of vice-chairman of association of doctoral Sichuan pasturage, Feng GuangdeFeng GuangdeThe doctor is Sino-British and joint-stock continous flower is planted duck company presidentHu MinghuiPresident of company of estate of duck of abundant of gentleman Chengdu abundantZhang ZhongweiThe honored guest such as the gentleman is in plain hold this large seminar jointly. Invite you enthusiasticly to arrange time, and personally presence. Sponsor an unit: Branch of fowl of association of Sichuan province stock raising undertakes unit: Sichuan cavalries force person group, western unit of collaboration of strategy of organizing committee of duck industry forum: Company of estate of duck of Chengdu abundant abundant supports an unit particularly: Sino-British and joint-stock continous flower kind duck company supports an unit: Chinese agriculture college, Sichuan agriculture college, southwest universitySupport media: China of website of industry of feed of China of website of Chinese feed industry breeds net China farming herd intranet " Chinese fowl " " birds course of study guides print " " feed extensive role " " abstract of Chinese pasturage vet " " feed industry " " Sichuan pasturage " " Chinese pasturage magazine "Enter meeting boy or girl friend: Kind duck breeding company, kind duck farm advocate, hatch field advocate pasturage of company of drug of distributors of the vaccine that reach duck, animal, hatch equipment company, government is in charge of chief of market of association of trade of leader, duck and large birds seedling; Conference form: The government leads policy to explain, expert special subject reports, industry leader and honored guest heat speak; Conference content: 1, contemporary the profit new pattern of the course of study that raise duck; 2, avian flu is prevented integratedly accuse measure; 3, the good luck that our country raises duck employment and challenge, 4, the flesh is planted duck raises administrative new technology; 5, the popular trend of current duck disease and prevention and cure; 6, kind the harm that duck heat should stimulate and adjusting control; The conference and forum: Forum one: Rasorial market builds as academic as the canal platform; Forum 2: Kind duck and forum of animal drug collaboration; Conference address: Big public house of charm of heart open season (the road austral hill of spring of dragon of De Yang city 2 paragraphs 221) rate: 280 yuan / person (include cost of cost of attend a lecture, data cost, proceedings of a conferences, boiled water, eat cost) . Remarks: 1 , 2 - 3 people above 220 yuan / person, 4 - 6 people 180 yuan / person, 7 people above 140 yuan; 2, accommodation cost provides for oneself (the organizing committee provides a standard 120 yuan / day) . Meeting site: Big public house of charm of heart open season (the road austral hill of spring of dragon of De Yang city 2 paragraphs 221) contact means: Contact: Phone of Mr Cheng 13088383813: 028 - 85745288 fax: 028 - 85745089
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