2007 China stock raising and feed industry (Shanghai) exposition

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One, origanization construction Sponsor an unit: Shanghai of association of industry of feed of province of Heibei of association of industry of feed of province of Shandong of association of industry of feed of Beijing of of guild of fowl of Shanghai of guild of live pig of Shanghai of Shanghai feed guild is collected extend trade limited companyAssist do medium: China of additive of feed of China of website of additive of feed of farming net China breeds beneficial of information of Er of contest of farming rich net net of character of pasturage of raw material of drug of online China animal breeds feed of encyclopedia net China to breed vet of pasturage of Heilongjiang of vet of pasturage of Shandong of net of aquatic product of China of technical adviser of net breed aquatics to raise a pig with feed ChinaUndertake unit: Shanghai is collected extend trade limited company2, exhibit meeting time and place Cloth extends time: Wait for calm   opening celebration: Need calm exhibition time: Wait for remove surely extend time: Wait for exhibit meeting site surely: Shanghai agricultural exhibition (road of Shanghai rainbow bridge 2268)3, extend meeting setting and theme In recent years, our country stock raising develops continuously, but the issue that affects development appears ceaselessly, already became those who promote poultry industry development to aid force agent with the feed industry that develops quickly especially. Accordingly, advance industry of our country feed to be able to last healthy progress, implementation builds the target of system of perfect fodder industry, guide market of integrated feed industry to already became urgent matter, by fowl of guild of Shanghai feed guild, Shanghai live pig, Shanghai trade association, Shandong saves association of industry of feed of feed industry association, Beijing, Heibei to save the combination such as feed industry association to sponsor, shanghai collects the Chinese stock raising that exhibits trade limited company to undertake and feed industry (Shanghai) exposition will be held ceremoniously in Shanghai agriculture exhibition. Act on advance informatization of Chinese stock raising, commercialize a process, strengthen domestic and international stock raising the communication of new and high technology and collaboration, the target of the promotion that promotes new technology, new product, new facility and application, current exposition will hold news briefing of domestic and international top class new technology, new product to recommend the relevant forum such as the meeting, it is “ is pushed taste newly, the optimal platform that exhibits name of high-quality goods, tree to taste ” . Shanghai serves as international metropolitan, its are capacious market space is all sorts of delegate international the new product of advanced level, new technology brought vast development space. Current exposition is exhibited from constituent ginseng and professional audience invites two respects, rise ceaselessly extend meeting arrangement, quicken the pace that conforms with international, choose the ginseng of contemporary poultry industry of high quality, Gao Shuiping to exhibit, will dedicate for you at the appointed time the poultry industry distinguished gathering of high level of a country! Fall October, beautiful and attractive Oriental bright phearl, together with your join in, what we will create a person of “ climate favourable geographical position and ” for poultry industry jointly is outstanding an excellent work!
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