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According to Thailand media coverage, in November 2006 the middle ten days of a month, thailand general and European Union have a talk with respect to problem of bilateral chicken tariff. This talk by a definite date 2 weeks. Head of delegation of European Union committee expresses, this the talk will establish specific principle.

On November 6, 2006, thailand trade minister base the shell represents, this the talk aims to reduce an European Union to adjust the import tariff influence to Thailand chicken. The European Union is one of main export markets of Thailand chicken.

August 2006, the European Union announces pair of ripe chicken, brine chicken and turkey introduce new quota system. The entrance chicken inside quota can enjoy existing tax rate, but the product that exceeds quota will be collected to comparative 4900 peaceful an ancient unit of weight / the import tariff of 100 grams. Current, the European Union is considering the import quota issue of Thailand.

2005, the trading business volume of Thailand and European Union amounts to 25.8 billion dollar, but the trading business volume September already amounted to 1 ~ 2006 24 billion dollar.

2005, thailand is 4.6 billion dollar to the favorable balance of trade of the European Union, its basically export a product to include the computer and its fittings, motor vehicle and jewel.

Thailand chicken exporter hopes to get an European Union 200 thousand tons import quota.

The European Union hopes Thailand is an European Union to create more stable, safe environment in the investor of Thailand.

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