Exhibition of industry of drug of pasturage of Sichuan of · of the 4th 2005 Chi

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[time] on November 15, 2005 - 18 days
[place] Sichuan exhibition
Sponsor an unit:
Sichuan saves pasturage vet to learn farming rich net
Support an unit:
Sichuan saves Sichuan of poultry provision bureau to visit agricultural office
Sichuan saves farming of provincial Party committee to do Sichuan to save farming of National People's Congress appoint
Sichuan province hair changes appoint Sichuan province technology controls management board
Sichuan saves Sichuan of aquatic product bureau to save food medicines and chemical reagents to control management board
Chinese farming learns Sichuan to save labour union of a person of same business of industrialization of business association agriculture
Greatly boreal farming group western market of feed animal drug (Chongqing Rong Chang)
Media support:
Feed of China of net of animal husbandry of China of Chinese agriculture net is online website of livestock product feed
Chinese pasturage net western net of agricultural of China of website of feed of pasturage net China
Chinese gold net of Hui Cong of Hc360 of network of farming dealer of China of net of agriculture of farming net Hunan
Website of industry of feed of China of net of rasorial science and technology of China of net of flocks and herds of Chinese intranet China
Website of industry of feed of China of website of birds of the country in net of middle peasant of round-the-world feed net
Website of drug of animal of China of website of agriculture of Sichuan of net of drug of animal of Sichuan of network of Chinese farming dealer
< Chinese animal health care > < cultivate birds course of study > < communication of Chinese animal husbandry > < northeast pasturage vet > < feed extensive role >
< Chinese pasturage vet > < pasturage market > < Chinese birds course of study guides print > < feed industry > < China pasturage signs up for >
< Chinese feed additive > < China is rasorial > < Fu Ying dispatch > < animal drug and feed additive >
The information that surpass Er > < Sichuan pasturage vet > < guideline of animal drug market > < feedstuff market >
Undertake unit:
Chengdu surpasses dimension international to show service limited company
Since reforming and opening, farming animal husbandry already expanded industry of one of becoming our country agriculture and rural economics important pillar and economic point of growth. Join as our country WTO and western the development that develops a process greatly, stock raising makes one of trades that competition ability and advantage have most in agriculture western. Sichuan is the agricultural big province of our country, especially government of province of Sichuan provincial Party committee regards one of industries of complete province characteristic as to try to develop mainly stock raising, take a series of major move, make save stock raising to enter a new rapid development completely period.
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