2007 China (Anhui) international feed industry and technical equipment Fair

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One, Fair brief introduction

Along with the arrival that writes 21 centuries, the development of high-tech stock raising that changes agriculture, animal produce to machine course of study to give priority to with intensive is swift and violent. Stock raising makes the dominant industry of Asian most country gradually, accordingly, the communication between industry of poultry of promotional Asia each country appears very important. Our country government published the favourable policy that a series of stimulative stock raising develop this year, accelerated aquaculture development, the development that is feed industry provided vast development space, at the same time the industrial structure of feed industry also is in produce tremendous change, whole feed industry greeted a new development posture. Below favorable policy environment, feed industry is growing quickly the industry with the fastest, the biggest potential grows in be poultry industry, the position in national economy and action rise ceaselessly, the struggling goal that establishs harmonious society and implementation to build comparatively well-off society in the round to compose has important sense.

This second Fair is acted on reveal trade high-quality goods, communication trade news, development international market, build cooperative platform to be a tenet, exhibit what hold during the meeting a series of special subject technologies communicate meeting general to invite senior expert and technical personage visit give a lecture inside course of study, seasonable will newest trade news and technology gather together, mutual communication and compare notes, can be certainly broad exhibit business bring bigger business chance!

2, origanization construction

Sponsor an unit:
Government of people of city of Hefei of bureau of commissariat of the Anhui province of committee of agriculture of the Anhui province
Assist run an unit:
City of Hefei of bureau of commissariat of bureau Hefei city can exhibit stock raising of committee of agriculture of the Anhui province of committee of Hefei city agriculture do
Undertake unit:
Hefei business investment accuses a limited company Nanjing to collect couplet to show service limited company

3, Fair advantage

1, development China has latent capacity market most

In recent years the Party Central Committee, the State Council implemented a series of directer, stronger policy and measure. Came on stage in the center of " a certain number of opinions that develop stock raising about accelerating " and " pasturage law " , to drive “ mid rise abruptly ” made each favourable policy. Government of Anhui provincial Party committee, province also made a series of policy policy, together with other place breeds an enterprise inside change, dimensions breeds the build of the village, farmer collaboration organizes initiate, the progress that gives feed of the Anhui province the industry provided an auspicious environment. Develop a program according to stock raising, egg of flesh of the Anhui province suckled crop 2010 6.2 million tons, year add 3.7% , and still carry on move of aquaculture of birds of cultivate of ” of “ long triangle, breed dimensions and level to will promote ceaselessly. The development of aquaculture is pulled necessarily use feed estate development, leave more vast space for feed line of business.
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