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On July 18, the Ministry of Agriculture holds industry of countrywide animal drug to run working meeting, carry out the State Council to examine and approve reform and the deploy that strengthen animal drug to supervise the work about pushing administration further, analyse industry of current animal drug to manage working situation deep, comprehensive deploy strengthens animal drug industry to run each work measure. Undersecretary of Ministry of Agriculture Comrade Yin Chengjie attends the meeting and speak.
Yin Chengjie was sure animal drug industry manages the result that the job obtains adequately in the speech. In recent years, the system perfects laws and regulations of government of drug of our country animal ceaselessly, administration examines and approve reform and government affairs to make public pace to accelerate, the job such as punish of animal drug market and monitoring of animal drug remain gains active headway. Administrative field is examined and approve in animal drug administration, mix soundly perfected “ place to examine, unified accept, the technology examines, expert careful is judged, the working mechanism that administration examines and approve ” , hold to open, just, transparent, administration of strict animal drug examines and approve the job to superintend. The side runs in admittance of animal drug industry, 2005 since the end of the year, already many 1500 do not amount to prize enterprise to be washed out, approve registered animal drug product, achieved the technical demand that safe, effective, quality can control; Already abolished at present standard of animal drug place 2956, there still will be 3300 groups to inaccuracy of unreasonable, curative effect is cut and just exist before the end of the year the local standard of safe hidden trouble and breed are abolished. In respect of punish of animal drug market, each district makes clear post responsibility further, perfect working system, build perfect case to investigate and deal with sb supervise and direct mechanism, firm catchs big case to want case investigate, drug of animal of severe blow false bad and animal of carry out of blame legal system use biological product act. Management and rudimental monitoring field are used in animal drug, each district is carried out strictly " monitoring of remain of food of animal source sex plans " , " edible animal stands detailed account of compound of etc of the medicine that use animal " stop medical period to administer a regulation with animal drug, increase animal drug remain to exceed mark sample to trace date from strength, the unit of safe to disobeying animal drug use provision and individual increase condemnatory strength, sampling observation of remain of drug of animal of product of sex of our country animal exceeds mark rate to drop steadily.
Yin Chengjie points out, industry of current animal drug still is put in a few outstanding issues. It is animal drug level of manufacturing business management is low, animal drug production of business management, standardization and product quality respect, return the problem that a few is solve urgently. 2 it is animal drug industry own innovation ability is weak, the product is coessential change relatively serious, the enterprise lacks competition ability. 3 it is animal drug current order still non-standard, illegal product still is in a few places sale. 4 it is animal drug uses link to superintend relatively fragile, some places breed link to use medicine, abusive animal drug blindly, break the law even use ban still happen from time to tome with pharmaceuticals issue. 5 it is the administrative job such as vet diagnostic reagent is strengthened urgently, use management of drug of management, prescription and pet use animal drug medical management system needs to be perfected further.
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