Fair of 19 Henan fowl

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Time: In September 2007 15-17 day (13-14 daily will be exhibited to cloth in September)

Place: Zhengzhou international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: Henan saves pasturage bureau

Henan saves rasorial trade association

Henan province is big province of a pasturage, stock raising production value occupies the 1/10 of production value of countrywide stock raising. Henan fowl Fair is Central Plains area and even whole nation scale of provincial pasturage Fair is large, influence range is wide, ginseng exhibit manufacturer amount much, the Fair of omnibus stock raising with visiting numerous number. The 18th Henan is rasorial 2006 Fair, room inside and outside exhibits digit quantity to achieve 1200, trade the forehead 4 billion yuan, be considered as the very successful stock raising Fair inside industry.

Conference content:

Drug of birds of of all kinds cultivate, feed, animal; Of all kinds pasturage and vet are relevant equipment;

Exhibition of product of birds of of all kinds cultivate

Hold supply and demand of talent of first Henan stock raising to meet meeting

Hold forum of high level of stock raising of the 8th Henan

Hold first “ optimal ginseng to postpone a business figure and have consequence brand most”

Selection activity, quota of people sets 10

Congress preparatory place

Contact: Address of Duan Yingzhen of Ying Xia of Xue of Sui rich root: Zhengzhou city classics 3 91 date postcodes: 450008

Phone: 0371-65778796 65778798 65778962 (above phone all can fax) electronic mailbox: Hnjqxh@163.com

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