The enterprise of type of production of product of fitness of fitness of Shangha

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Shanghai peaceful prosperous is the enterprise of type of production of home's inchoate healthy fitness product, come a few years, enterprise with " cheer for health, for common people benefit " for business concept, devote oneself to career of national fitness fitness from beginning to end carry forward, developed tens of planting early or late wide suffer common people gay outstanding product. The product includes to massage chair cushion series, enrage series of blood circulation machine, series of adipose campaign plane, series of thin body chatelaine, sufficient bath massages basin series, massage good set to wait a moment.
Use international newest calorific component, double hot protector, heat rapid, on the safe side, match with microcomputer wireless remote control, have surf to heat, vibration is massaged, wave of physiotherapy of wave of train in excess specified length, gas increases oxygen, ozone a variety of functions such as set of antiseptic, high frequency magnet, temperature, time set. Make you are in heat wave bath is sufficient in union is thenar massage, physiotherapy of wave of train in excess specified length, those who pass through sole is holographic reflex an area, make unobstructed of human body main and collateral channels, whole body discharges sweat, belt to use gas blood circulation, deserve to increase oxygen, ozone with gas wave antiseptic and auxiliary, achieve thereby enhance oneself immunity power, self-healing join forces and painful to disease symptom have the effect that improve and recovers.

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