Raise chicken to use additive of 5 kinds of cubic meter of earth opportunely

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1, person make water. Make water of choose and employ persons feeds chicken, it is to be able to shorten periodic; of 15 days of above 2 it is to be able to raise laying rate 6% . Will already old lay aside the person make water of 40 days of above, after joining a few soda to mix, direct drop enters gallinaceous ration in can. Young chicken is added everyday feed 5 grams / . Add feed time to must be controlled in midday of every the world 5 when later, summertime criterion remit to 7 when later before; fryer appears on the market 7 days of out of service. No-no excessive and use delicacy make water.
2, moxa pink. Contain protein, adipose, amino acid, chlorophyll, scent oil and a variety of vitamins. Feed chicken to be able to raise laying rate with moxa pink 4.5% , raise economic benefits 12% . Mix moxa pink directly gallinaceous ration can, 2% what dosage is ration. The Ai Fenshi that make, moxa bine and Ai Xie must be collected when blossom, and should go downy, put in dry in the shade of shady and cool and ventilated place. Avoid uses metamorphism moxa noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch.
3, coal ash. Contain a variety of chicken body such as calcic, Potassium, phosphor, copper, natrium, magnesian, iron to grow the indispensible material of development. Feed chicken to be able to raise force of gallinaceous body disease-resistant and laying rate with coal ash 4% , mix coal ash directly in gallinaceous ration, 1.5% what dosage is ration. Coal ash asks to already lighted cremate, completely dry, without foreign matter.
4, carrot. Contain vitamin E, have profit very much to reproductive system of chicken. What feed chicken to be able to increase an egg with carrot is individual, raise laying rate 6.4% , lengthen fastigium yield an egg. carrot abluent air, cut Cheng Xiaoding or mincing mix ration can. 18% what dosage is ration.
5, Song Baixie. Song Baixie contains more crude protein, crude fat to wait. With Song Baixie the economic benefits that feed chicken can rise 7% . The wear of pine cypress leaf air is pulverous, mix by the scale of 7% ration.
Above a few kinds of material, the make water that remove a person and coal ash cannot be mixed outside using, the others all can be used at the same time. Want to control dosage strictly. If add two kinds of above at the same time. It is advisable that respective dosage is added with She Pingtian; If be 3 kinds of above, do not exceed gallinaceous ration with gross 20% advisable.

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