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Cause a loss to avoid to purchase low qualitative chickling, broad raise gallinaceous door to must note the following respects when entering chickling.

One, should make clear whether is selling kind of chicken field of chickling from numerous brood oneself. Field of hatch of some kinds of chicken, oneself do not have kind of chicken farm, lean from buy kind of egg to undertake hatch socially. Kind of chicken that such hatch come out, because plant egg origin is miscellaneous, had been planted laxly by epidemic prevention in producing a course chicken is perpendicular spread all sorts of cause of disease, in spite of illness has been when hatch comes out, raise such chicken to will come on ceaselessly certainly henceforth. Accordingly, when buying chickling must from plant normally gallinaceous field eats chicken.

2, the chickling that exchange enters must undertake falling into disuse strictly, cannot breed aquatics of in spite of illness. Undertake falling into disuse strictly to chickling, the most economical to culturist. Because chickling in spite of illness breeds, raise send ill death the most easily to the later period in growing, at this moment the charge such as feed, artificial, medicine already was used up a lot of, once eliminate a loss bigger, and ill cheeper is in chicken group in still can infect other chicken further, in chickling consequently level should undertake falling into disuse strictly, make pecuniary loss so the smallest. Proposal culturist in chickling 5 day age around use immune intensifier 1 times, chickling of so individual in spite of illness can appear phenomenon of prolapse of the anus, culturist should undertake none hesitantly to its falling into disuse.

3, the immunity of epidemic disease of new to chicken city is tall not low. Current, kind of chicken field of each district level of management is uneven, discretion of antibody of source of mother of new city epidemic disease is differ, again the mixture of other cause of disease affects together with, the phenomenon that makes immunity of new city epidemic disease fails happens from time to tome, accordingly, answer to the immunity of epidemic disease of chickling new city tall not low. Immune program: Ⅳ of new city epidemic disease is 1 day age seedling of 30 as double as H120 couplet nods seedling and H120 or clone day age uses a drop bazoo;10 day of nose;20 of drop of key point of point of seedling of department of I of new city epidemic disease age with I of new city epidemic disease department seedling injects. I increases 1 times to fasten seedling sparge immunity in 35 day age to the commodity chicken field that pollutes badly, make strong poison loses breed and platoon poisonous chance, make the environment gets depurative. Here should point out, the immunity of epidemic disease of gallinaceous new city, should advocating use I is a seedling. Somebody fears I fastens Miao Yingji the gender is strong, dare not use. Although I department seedling should stimulate a gender a few stronger, can protect action strong also, other model vaccine often is not prevented to current new city epidemic disease, balance advantages and disadvantages still should use I to fasten a seedling.
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