Is person infection sends case of ill sex avian flu high how of diagnose?

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Diagnose person affects a when send case of ill sex avian flu high important basis is the lab detects, this is a complex process, and need particular time talent make clear a result.

Lash-up of Ministry of Public Health did director Chen Xianyi a few days ago accepting when interviewing, the “ that cares with respect to people how the problem that diagnose person infection causes ” of case of illness of ill sex avian flu high refers answer.

Chen Xianyi says, person infection sends diagnose of case of illness of ill sex avian flu high to basically have 3 sides: The lab detects findings of result, epidemiology and clinical expression. Current, case of illness of diagnose of statistic of World Health Organization is detect with the lab eventuate is main according to, our country consults actual condition of the standard of World Health Organization and our country considers integratedly 3 person establish diagnostic standard.

The lab detects the specimen that needs to collect a patient above all. Come on in the patient earlier, the nose mop that should collect a patient child, pharynx mop child tracheal perhaps and draw-out content, through analysing these samples, detect the nucleic acid of avian flu virus and virus of detached avian flu, those who collect these samples is optimal collect time to be after coming on 3 to 5 days, come on the specimen after 8 days detects very hard virus nucleic acid and depart arrive virus.

Should detect when be less than virus nucleic acid and virus, detect the evidence that the antibody of avian flu virus in patient serum also can provide diagnose. Come on in the patient earlier, collect a patient acute period serum, had jumped over earlier, collect patient convalescence serum even, after coming on commonly 21 days are collected. If case of illness dies, the lung that collects a patient in time with respect to need is organization, tracheal of the depart that waits for an organization to be used at virus and virus nucleic acid detect.

The lab that seems person of catch a disease of avian flu feeling to doubt detects often need to have all sorts of tests, integrated a variety of test results just can make detect conclusion. No matter which are planted method, the optimal time that the specimen collects, collection means and specimen save carriage condition is to make sure the experiment detects the key of the result. And no matter which are planted,the method needs time, and need duplicate tests just have scientific sex.

First person infection that considering the case of illness of Hunan is probable is discovery of our country mainland send case of ill sex avian flu high, after undertaking to specimen of case of illness the lab detects the first round accordingly, according to opinion of expert of World Health Organization, used same method to make the 2nd times repetition detect again, detect twice the result is main conform to.
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