Current, what does the research gain that extends ill sex avian flu high have?

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From 20 centuries 90 time metaphase rises, our country is in the epidemiology of avian flu, diagnose, immunity is prevented make reached the respect such as basic research to made much work obtain multinomial research result. Avian flu diagnoses technical respect, already built: (1) agaragar diffuses (AGP) diagnostic technology. (2) inferior model cent technology. (3) virus element diagnoses a technology. Avian flu vaccine develops a field: Already developed went out to be able to be used at H5 inferior model send ill sex avian flu high the H5 of urgent immunity vaccinate inferior model avian flu destroys live vaccine. H5N1 inferior model avian flu recombines vaccine of vivid carrier of gallinaceous blain virus, already also entered area safety to release level.

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