Avian flu power exceeds SARS 10 times

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The ” of “ economy power of avian flu may exceed SARS 10 times superabundant. Inferior will release a report to forecast in November all right, avian flu will cause the pecuniary loss of more than 283 billion dollar to Asian area, 6.5% what be equivalent to this area GDP. And in two years half before, although face the SARS with roaring the force with which sth breaks out, inferior the Asian loss dimensions that forecasts all right also does not spend 28 billion dollar.

Inferior expressed yesterday all right, even if the avian flu of “ gentle ” erupts, also can be opposite the consumption of Asian area, investment and commerce cause serious harm, the economy of Chinese Hong Kong and Singapore has high extroversion model feature, the influence that these areas get also most will serious.

Inferior say all right, if the popularity of avian flu is confined to, the four seasons is spent this year, will reach 283 billion dollar to the pecuniary loss that Asian area causes so, be equivalent to this area gross domestic product (GDP) 6.5% . And avian flu haze also envelops alive bound economy likewise over. Inferior forecast all right, if epidemic situation continues to spread, cause the massive epidemic disease that catchs between a person and person, global economy will enter winter from this. The England of newest first phase " economist " the records also says, if the population of 15 % of American catchs avian flu, american pecuniary loss will amount to 93 billion dollar, if affect scale to achieve 35 % , possible violent wind raises pecuniary loss to 217 billion dollar.

Before the loss of 283 billion dollar is forecasted, although two years half before the SARS that sweeps across an Asia is inferior by comparison also. At that time inferior ever forecasted all right, the loss that SARS causes to Asian economy will amount to 28 billion dollar. And according to postmortem not complete count, the ” of “ economy power of SARS does not exceed 40 billion dollar.

Not come singly but in pairs, world bank also was in yesterday " half an year of East Asia economy signs up for " in the topic for discussion that involved ” of power of economy of avian flu “ , but argument is compared inferior should guard all right a lot of. The life says all right, avian flu is becoming East Asia increasingly the secret worry of each economy system, but the 0.1 % left and right sides that at present the Asia deals with the cost of avian flu to be confined to GDP, basically be butcher fowl and the cost that build better animal sanitation to monitor a system.

Dan Shihang also admits, the potential effect of occurrence craze needs to cause serious attention, the economic foreground of next year Asia may be affected badly accordingly. The life says all right, answer avian flu to browbeat, need government high level is preferential the consideration takes step, wait for finance of health of sanitation of agriculture, animal, mankind, finance departmental door is united.
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