Immunity enforces by whole town rasorial month

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Door of Ministry of Agriculture says vaccine is enough, affirmatory to breed offer freely

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End of this month of report from our correspondent, guangzhou city fowl will execute compulsive immunity entirely. Door of Ministry of Agriculture is affirmatory, will to breed door make sure vaccine is all and free. Yesterday, river of Qi of bridge of director of city agriculture bureau is being accepted when interviewing, express, “ has confidence to be defended so that stay in Guangzhou gate ” .

Bird of birds of nonlocal in spite of illness is forbidden enter spic

Yesterday, city agriculture bureau expedites many superintend and director to guide constituent goes to each county town to examine rasorial immunity case, discovery has not inject the fowl of avian flu vaccine, instantly the spot undertakes teeming. City animal epidemic prevention supervises institute director Founder to just expressed, be sure to be by March finish the immunity that adds fowl and the fowl that want aggrandizement immunity newly in the round, make sure whole town fowl achieves 100 % immunity.

Current, guangzhou dimensions changes immunity of the field that raise birds rate is overall more than 100 % , rate of immunity of whole town rasorial avian flu is overall maintain in 98 % above, kind birds and the immunity that raised the birds with long time to undertake above twice only partly. Founder just expressed, branch of epidemic prevention of Guangzhou city animal still will strengthen pair of rasorial antibody to monitor, birds of unfavorable of antagonism system level also will undertake aggrandizement immunity only. It is reported, vaccine of Guangzhou avian flu is at present enough, stock is full already, installed more than 20 thousand bottles vaccine, can assure to supply.

In “ of gallinaceous duck goose 3 birds ” is current go up, bridge Qi river expresses, must defend “ 3 birds ” trades the market, immunity proves ability enters the market. 3 birds ” must have the “ that the other place takes spike producing area proof and immune proof, bird of birds of in spite of illness is forbidden enter spic. Additional, the executive plan that healthy chicken wears crural annulus to mark has handed over Guangzhou city legal system to do discuss, specific plan is planning to carry out.

How much should the capital that prevent birds give

Bridge Qi river points out, period of beginning of spring is virus tall hair period, want to strengthen the management of aquaculture especially. Because gallinaceous price drops, the sale is affected, breed an enthusiasm be thwarted, if abandon breeding, cause more easily come on. His appeal breeds door answer predicament actively, express door of Ministry of Agriculture to will be opposite in many sided breed door undertake give aid to and be assistanced, dredge thought.
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