Guangzhou brews birds bird centering butcher to appear on the market

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The person suffers from avian flu may not is birds bird is infected

Ou Anyuan evaluates Guangzhou city to be in highly prevent the job that controls place of field of avian flu epidemic situation to do solid, measure reachs the designated position, the effect is very good. He emphasizes pointing out:

Various government should take avian flu seriously to prevent highly with concerned branch accuse, do not want paralytic inattentivegeneral idea, at present of wintry spring the tall hair period that handing in is all sorts of epidemic disease, want to take strict precautions against defend to the last, ensure do not produce avian flu epidemic situation, ensure not recurrent person catchs avian flu; Various should layer upon layer carry out system of job responsibility, want to strengthen an examination to supervise and urge, especially epidemic prevention and market sale, in breed, current with consumption 3 link ensure the job reachs the designated position; Want to strengthen openly conduct propaganda and education to guide, do not talk about gallinaceous color to change, want to believe science, clear birds bird dies unhealthily, not be avian flu epidemic situation certainly bring about; The person suffers from avian flu, not be the avian flu infection of bird sufferring birds certainly; Cannot think to eat chicken to have risk, want sanitation to eat chicken, eat wholesome chicken.

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