Guangzhou brews birds bird centering butcher to appear on the market

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Yesterday, ou Anyuan of vice secretary of provincial Party committee reachs Guangzhou city on a special trip white cloud Ou Baixing 3 birds terminal market and white cloud area too with the town terminal market checks bird of Tian Xin birds avian flu prevention and cure works.

He evaluates Guangzhou city to be in highly defend the work that dominates avian flu field, emphasize pointing out: Birds bird dies unhealthily, not be avian flu epidemic situation certainly bring about; The person suffers from avian flu, not be the avian flu infection of bird sufferring birds certainly; Cannot think to eat chicken to have risk, want sanitation to eat chicken, eat wholesome chicken.

3 card of birds bird “ ” all ready ability trades

Yesterday afternoon, ou Anyuan comes above all 100 start 3 birds market, see when him the market is neat and orderly, each disinfection measure is all ready, trade to entering the arena 3 card of close check “ card of ”(producing area, carriage card, immunity card) hind, say earnestly to market chief: Want to take strict precautions against defend to the last, ensure do not produce avian flu epidemic situation. Be in too with bird of birds of the heart that press down cropland terminal market, ou Anyuan knew the market in detail each are prevented accuse measure and trade circumstance, ask to do well again and again examination measure, ensure 3 card of “ ” all ready ability enters the arena trade.

Subsequently, ou Anyuan listened to Guangzhou city avian flu to defend the report that accuses working circumstance. Guangzhou city is production of my province fowl, current the big city with consumption, current and rasorial amount of livestock on hand many 3000, annual gives column fowl in all 130 million, avian flu is prevented control the job quite arduous. Height of Guangzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government takes avian flu seriously to prevent control the job, cogent fulfil rasorial and compulsive immunity, whole town is dialed 20 million use at rasorial and compulsive immunity to 30 million yuan of capital, ensure dimensions changes rate of immunity of rasorial field avian flu to achieve 100% , fulfil animal epidemic situation to report antibody of system, rasorial immunity monitors quarantine of cultivate of system, exotic birds to control a system.

Bureau of Guangzhou city agriculture expresses about chief: Guangzhou city did not produce epidemic situation of rasorial avian flu up to now, ensured meat quality measures safety and people health. From prevent the consideration of lasting effect mechanism that controls avian flu, guangzhou city is considering advancing birds bird to butcher appears on the market and wear crural annulus to appear on the market centrally at present, pass standardization and compulsive immunity, wash out a few fowl to come loose stage by stage raise door, in order to ensure the citizen is healthy, consume birds surely kind product.
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