Travel of 2008 Tianjin international, recreational articles for use reachs gymna

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Travel of 2008 Tianjin international, recreational articles for use and gymnastical equipment exhibition Time: 7-9 day ground nodded in November 2008: Tianjin sports center ◆ mahjong, full automatic mahjong machine reachs all sorts of mahjong engine a replacement, chess kind, facilities of instrument, production reachs printing machine of playing card and relevant product, playing card the technology; ◆ sauna establishment, swim things of sufficient bath of equipment of massage product of things of body of beauty of things of machine of pool establishment, hydrotherapy establishment, hot spring establishment, sunbathe, recreational health care, hairdressing, massage, sufficient cure, bath and nurse series; The ◆ massager, massage chair, fitness chair, machine that swing fat, ran machine, be good at abdomen implement, car of gymnastical ball, fitness, pulling force implement, equipment of barbell, dumbbell, skip, boxing, jump method of circle of bed, part of speech, fitness, constitution determines equipment, Kang Tiyu; Exhibit reach advertisement to collect fees 1. International standard exhibits: 3M × 3M, ¥ 5500 yuan / (include: Field is expended, 3 are exhibited board, electrical outlet of lintel light canal, power source, one desk is two chair, clean card of cost, security personnel cost, delegate) , appoint exhibit, horn is exhibited add close 10% . 2. Indoor light ground (case hire: 36 ㎡) : ¥ 550 yuan / ㎡; The smooth ground outdoor (case hire: 30 ㎡) : ¥ 350 yuan / ㎡. 3. Register cost: ¥ 200 yuan / person, include beverage of conference data, souvenir, sessional lunch, bender to wait. 4. Proceedings of a conferences reachs other advertisement: Proceedings of a conferences is big 16K this, chromatic essence imprints, graph Wen Bingmao, imprint measure 50 thousand, main group sends hotel industry agency of school of branch of each government director, guild, scientific research, each major, visiting business: Cover of of rate of form of advertisement of of advertisement form rate / back cover 12000/10000 yuan inside page color complete edition / cross edition 3000/5000 yuan phenanthrene page / inside front cover / inside back cover 6000 yuan inside the page is black and white complete edition / cross edition 1500/2000 yuan visiting certificate (rear advertisement) 3000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces business affairs 5. Professional delibrate / technical communication meets / new product news briefing: Every collect fees ¥ 5000 yuan of RMBs / 2 hours, constituent unit offers the establishment of form a complete set such as all of field, lamp, acoustics, projector, desk and chair and things, assist enterprise of give a lecture to organize audience. Exposition window 1. Essence of life locates target market satisfies business essence of life to allow sale to ask this exhibition is core target market with annulus Bohai Sea definitely, at the same time radiation whole nation. Area of Beijing, Tianjin, Heibei, Shandong, Shanxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia is Bencibo see the core target of the meeting the market, area of Jilin, Heilongjiang, Henan, Gansu Province, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Shanghai is Bencibo see the key target market of the meeting, organizing committee the administrative levels according to target market, spread out the conduct propaganda of high strenth, this is travel, recreational the energy accurate sale that reachs gymnastical company offerred a high grade arena. 2.
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