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Beware of poultry and livestock theft

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The end is approaching, beware of poultry and livestock theft cases. Recently, the town of Jie Ting Zhao sheds stolen overnight, dozens of chickens, kept half years of hard, seeing to be sold, it had been a thief, "pre-emptive." Poultry and livestock theft in winter has always been a high incidence of cases of time, generally farmers are chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, rabbits, cows and other domestic animals kept in barn or simple huts, the thieves can easily steal the hope that the majority of farmers to enhance preventive measures. Beware of pickpocketing in public places. Such cases occurred mainly in the supermarket, bus (station), Internet cafes, hospitals, crowded downtown street sections. Want the masses to go to the site by car, shopping, medical care, the Internet, be sure to number in mind, look at themselves and their belongings. Beach theft. Such cases occurred in the afternoon and evening; criminals choose crime as a goal locker room, the use of technology lock, key lock or pry vote theft wardrobe closet and other means of cash, mobile phones, watches, jewelry and other valuables. Want to take a bath with the masses as far as possible not to take large amounts of cash, mobile phones, watches, jewelry and other valuables to carry the best. Dining bag case. Winter has always been a dining bag the peak season of the case, since the second half of the large dining feast, especially in the dining room staff, are generally placed behind the package, or hung on the chair, some people coat Under the hanging chair, dining staff and did not know each other, criminals would take advantage of the turmoil to pilfering stolen your wallet, bag, cash, mobile phones. Workers quarters "white break" multiple cases of early warning. Recently, the city's urban area, Datang, grass tower and other places there were several quarters from enterprise workers "white break" theft. Such cases often happen before, usually criminals committing the crime during the day, when workers are generally in the work, and sometimes entire buildings that no one dormitory, staff quarters with a lot of doors are wooden, some are not on the lock, after the criminals into the plant can easily enter the dormitory. Hope that the majority of business owners try to remind employees not to put cash in the dormitory, mobile phones, jewelry and other valuables at the same time to strengthen the guard on duty, to prohibit access to the plant, the best to the dormitory with full-time managers.

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