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Thieves stole a taxi after the wanton extravagance of poultry to succeed

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Wu Pingjiang each village by taxi when they were committing the crime to steal sheep, chickens and ducks farmers at home and then use taxis to transport stolen goods, stolen goods from stolen money for his excessive extravagance. Recently, Wu once again to prepare the perpetrator was Pingjiang County Public Security Bureau police station longevity inventory of police patrol arrested one fell swoop. Recently, the longevity of the suburban police station area after another reported the masses, saying the family raised sheep, chickens and ducks had been stolen when the middle of the night, police quickly to the scene investigations, to discover who committed the crime tactics skill, great courage, even in a abnormal sound heard when the victim got up view, able to take stolen goods leisurely escape. Longevity police station immediately deployed to patrol on the outskirts, and a number of theft cases may occur where the focus of monitoring. 3 days on patrol at 1 am, police spotted a vehicle in the longevity Boulevard suspicious taxi, police immediately stopped the car, on board personnel inventory, and found the rear seat of a man look very scared, talk with vague, yet carry a big Pidai with a 4. The police immediately brought back to the man in the cross-examination. Under questioning, the man himself many times in more than 10 days, sheep, chickens and ducks to the farmers at home theft crime that one by one account. After investigation, the man called Wu is the goal Pingjiang people sentenced for theft several times, stopping at a relatives, we found that longevity in the outskirts of the town's farmers have raised a lot of family poultry, thus generating the idea of theft. Due to cold weather at night, he decided to take a taxi to the theft. Farmers around the house during the day he went to "check out the location" to the morning one or two when he hit the go to crime locations for taxis waiting at the roadside, their own homes to steal poultry farmers and other objects and then took a taxi to the town to fence, from stolen money lavishly in the county. Currently, the case is under further digging in the.

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