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Chinas poultry industry information service platform is built

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Not long ago, experts in Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China undertaken by the poultry research and service projects, public welfare, "the Chinese poultry industry information service platform construction and use of" for acceptance. Acceptance Committee heard a report on the project team, review the relevant information, and field questions and serious discussions, the formation of the acceptance of views, agreed to the project through acceptance. Successful completion of the project information service platform of China's poultry industry and construction work. The platform has the poultry industry, information collection, processing, publishing, electronic commerce and distance education and training and other functions. Completion of the project of 9 distinctive poultry industry information database, the total record of more than 200,000, including production, market information, more than 100,000, more than 10,000 information technology, poultry and related industries, more than 10,000 business information. Projects to achieve the "China Poultry", "Chinese Poultry Guide," the multimedia digital publishing. Completion of the project of 30 "county-level information services poultry station" and 52 rural information services focus on poultry goal of building the demonstration households. Projects carried out, information consultation, market research, surveys, document delivery, tracking and other information given title services for the poultry industry, farmers, business, management, industry associations, research institutes, consulting services to provide information in more than 500 published relevant reports and more than 20 papers. Project has developed standards for information collection, processing standards and management system; the establishment of a 173 person team of information collection and information services, covering most of the major provinces and cities in the poultry business, wholesale market. Training services to more than 2,000 people. Project on the basis of good information services, to achieve a breakthrough in 1000 the output value of information industry, poultry million goal.

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