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Fortification: Promote disabled obtain employment competition ability

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Reporter of news of the message when Jin Yang learned from city incomplete couplet recently, in last few years, the our city begins disabled vocational training energetically, enhance disabled labor technical ability, promote disabled obtain employment competition ability, will 3 years groom freely in all our city disabled makes an appointment with 4600 people.

As we have learned, in last few years, city incomplete couplet increased strength of disabled vocational training, union held home appliance actually maintenance, tonsorial, cut out, the blind is massaged, the professional skill such as individual management grooms, each area (city, county) incomplete couplet still is mixed according to disabled oneself characteristic need, held vegetable of homemaking, big canopy, rasorial feed, flowers to help advance somebody's career wait for skill to groom, because executed scroll to groom, follow groom along with what learn means, student people can undertake choosing according to oneself circumstance freedom, improved groomed result effectively.

In the meantime, to consolidate further achievement of blind obtain employment, the our city still builds the blind to massage groom base, for blind study massage technology was offerred convenient, classics health care is massaged groom eligible blind 100% implementation obtain employment. The our city still takes the lead in starting blind computer IT to groom in complete province, help blind has study, job and communication through computer and Internet.

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