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Bell hill county is obtained " 5 new breakthroughs " good progress posture

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Since this year, bell hill county cashs greatly with developing capital attraction project the activity is grasper, mix through method of means of innovation capital attraction widen capital attraction channel, build fasten heart to leave person environment, stimulative project air plant, capital attraction project obtains “ the good progress posture of ” of 5 new breakthroughs. 1 to August, this county brings income newly to look 85, the contract invests amount 1.83 billion yuan, reach the designated position actually capital 1.338 billion yuan (contain add to build project) , grow respectively compared to the same period 13% with 25.7% .

The concept that enrol business is accepting business by passivity to answer actively business side obtains new breakthrough. This county publishs idea of capital attraction drive, resolve capital attraction task each villages and towns and relevant function branch, regard villages and towns and branch as the serious content that examines end of the year, undertake to finishing the branch of villages and towns of the task goods and materials and spirit are rewarded, undertake notice of criticism conversely. This county announces connection project county is led and specific handle affairs the office phone of personnel and mobile phone, hold to for a short while 0 distances serve, regard the bagatelle of the project as the important matter will do, aroused a foreign trader to induct other traveling trader to come round to invest the enthusiasm of buy course of study through enrolling business way with business.

The means that enrol business is in to the industry by single action business the respect that enrol business obtains new breakthrough. This county is established hold to a project not to distribute economic part, dimensions does not divide size, want to be helpful for the development of industry and agriculture only, of the farmer add close, those who have the market to develop ability is the understanding view of good project, the change was enrolled only in the past make strong dated sense greatly. Nowadays, the Gui Liu that always invests 60 million yuan is rasorial branch of hill of limited company bell, the bell hill letterweight that always invests 40 million yuan tastes the ten million of a batch of investment such as technology plant yuan the sift of confused of project of industry and agriculture of above door. Change substantial granite resource dominant position to be economic advantage, the stone material of 3 villages and towns machines Yan Tang, beautiful hill, public security the travelling merchant investment that base carried on to come from and other places of Fujian, Hunan builds stone material to process a business, the product presents the good state that demand exceeds supply.

The method that enrol business is inspecting action business to enrol business side to obtain new breakthrough to contingent by greater part team. This county is changed before greater part team goes out the inferior position with the not apparent effect that enrol business, establish establish capital attraction contingent, divide period of time to the coastal economy such as Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang to develop group by group the area inspects study, draw lessons from new experience, extensive conduct propaganda recommends the resource dominant position such as Zhong Shan's mineral products, traffic, labour force, the Lai Zhongshan before inviting a foreign trader invests buy course of study, cogent cash with the ground, with water, with report, wait for a series of privilege with labour, attract foreign eyeball with this, build “ to learn a new experience, give in a batch of new friends, draw a batch of new travelling merchant, settle the capital attraction new structure of ” of a batch of new projects.
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