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Exhibition of industry of safe animal drug, feed all shows new window

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“ thinks less than seeing to was like ordinary capon to still invent special tool, still filed patent, the modern level of stock raising of jade forest aquatic product is higher and higher! The triangle of first extensive bead that ” will hold to 20 days on September 19 (Yu Lin) on exhibition of industry of safe animal drug, feed, the palace vice-chairman of branch of fowl of association of Chinese stock raising is in was full of interest ground to watch Yu Lin city to exhibit civilian teach of cooperation Hu Shi sighs with emotion after capon on the spot the ground says, this exposition makes me big open horizon really, the aquatic product stock raising that shows Yu Lin is already complete ” of “ thoroughly remould oneself. The reporter discovers in interview, exhibition lighten out the — of many new window such as ” of “ green, professional, science and technology—

Science and technology contains Troy to be reflected adequately

The most lively place in exhibition is exhibited namely civilian the stall of capon cooperation, the reporter sees introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad master secures a chickling on the table, use set a few seconds to end with respect to castrate next, the click of the tongue after the audience on the side looks says to surprise. As we have learned, they acquired set of capon of —— of two technologies patent and automation line desk of fast capon Baoding. Not come singly but in pairs, the high-tech product that the place with another lively part also is Yu Lin shows a region, approaching to look is Liu Chuan the intelligent ultrasonic pulverization of plant of facility of electron of herd of Sai Xiang farming disinfects a system. As we have learned, it can spot the situation of pass in and out of personnel, just disinfect automatically when enter the arena only. The system of heating of warm constant temperature of ground of —— of product of additionally one big fist that there still is this plant on the side, this plant is own the thermostat of special constant temperature of research and development can press young pig constant temperature of day age set paragraph, self-correcting temperature.

“ green ” breeds become consensus

“ combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine, ” of solid Ben Peiyuan is people is treating a disease the word that when cure is hurt, often mentions, appear on the propagandist sheet of feed animal drug awesomely however nowadays, the aggrandizement health care of a manufacturer traditional Chinese medical science that mixes an agent to hold to Ben Peiyuan of traditional medicine solid beforehand is academic, through mediating the immune function inside pig body, the generation of stimulative antibody and interferon, prevent and cure effectively from this diseases of all sorts of calorific and venereal noxiousness. A lot of people choose “ now in eating officinal, our animal drug also is match well of Chinese and Western. A manager that animal health care tastes a company tells ” the reporter, their product board Chinese traditional medicine and the rifampin such as La Gen, the root of remembranous milk vetch, longspur epimedium, stick the Western medicine such as bacillus element union rises, can puissant and fast curb kills of all kinds chorion phlogistic. And the action of biology nutrition fluid is after entering animal bowel to, form together with beneficial bacterium strong microbial group, restrain and eliminate pathogenic bacteria group, secrete nutrition and the hormone such as a large number of amino acid, as protein as synthesis, vitamin at the same time kind material, adjust and improve function of birds cultivate airframe, make its produce the immunity, nutrition, effect that produces stimulation, can saying to go up is the natural green food of the animal.
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