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Fowl of Chongqing policy sex is safe and pilot start

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Dispatch of China dragon net yesterday, fowl of Chongqing policy sex is safe and pilot adding up to plain area to be carried out formally, ” of rope of insurance of “ of 180 thousand rasorial strung, obtained gross 2.8 million yuan insurance safeguard.

According to introducing, because agricultural insurance is tall insurance cost, high risk, tall compensate pays, a lot of insurance company do not wish to run this kind of insurance. Develop to stimulate Chongqing agriculture industrialization, drive live pig industrialization, last year September, chongqing started policy sex agriculture formally safe and pilot, river of change north, Guizhou, close plain, the farmer of 4 areas county can be faithful county live pig, milk cow, orange is cast protect, insurance cost can win the finance subsidy of 70% . This means Chongqing agriculture insurance to will be protected in the “ of finance allowance drive ” to fall, begin the travel before exploration.

But fowl did not include policy sex pilot range inside. In recent years, as the development of Chongqing aquaculture, especially the rapid development of fowl breed aquatics, rasorial insurance carries program.

Duck of chicken of for fear that has a what disease before “ ah of calamity, there was insurance now, can sleep not only smooth and steady become aware, still can let go worked! ” takes guarantee slip yesterday add up to plain area to breed course of study of Lin Qin of large family sea chief easy of finite liability company at a heat. He says, before this, to give the assurance on chicken, had sought many insurance company, or insurance company does not begin this danger to plant, or condition is too slashing, he is cast all the time protect without the door.

“ is cast for chicken now protect, every insurance cost wants 0.27 yuan only, if produce an accident, can receive 15 yuan of compensation, the risk that raise chicken was reduced greatly. Chief side of finite liability company takes job of birds of ” Hai Lin smile ground says.

Say about chief according to joining plain district government, the policy sex fowl that begins this is safe and pilot, add up to Inc. of plain district government and insurance of Chinese people property plain raise company coact to begin, basically cast protect an object to breed large family, rasorial professional cooperation to wait for fowl. According to the regulation, insurance cost of insurance of policy sex fowl adds up to allowance of plain area finance 70% , ginseng maintain breed door is contributive 30% . Among them, kind insurance cost of duck, egg duck 1.2 yuan / , kind insurance cost of chicken, egg chicken 0.9 yuan / . Press contract agreement, fatal accident happening, kind duck, egg duck can obtain 20 yuan / , kind chicken, egg chicken can obtain 15 yuan / insurance compensation. This also means farmer to be kind of duck, egg duck to cast protect, every need 0.36 yuan to pay insurance cost only, if produce an accident, can win 20 yuan compensation.
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