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Hubei stock raising develops one of observation: Breed increment of new pattern

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Last year, protect health county to give column live pig 255 thousand, increase thirty-three thousand nine hundred compared to the same period, turned round the situation that hesitates to press forward 11 years continuously. This year first half of the year, this county gives column live pig two hundred thousand three hundred, grow 53.7% compared to the same period.
Protect health county the farmer of 30% raises a pig no longer, why can live pig breed aquatics grow quickly?
14 days, feng Baohua of director of prefectural pasturage bureau was taking You Baokang to run a long time, the reporter found the solution.
King bay community is pressed down in not far from the county the area just outside a city gate, one covers an area of 2 mus 150 mode pig farm. Breed Introduction Zhou Guoping, here still was in deserted quarry last year, see prices is good, the county has accessorial policy, he what never had raised a pig invests nearly 70 thousand yuan, build a hermetically sealed, cold water drops in temperature the hoggery that establishment and flue add lukewarm establishment, can give column live pig every time 150, just replete one lorry.
How to raise, pass 3 times to groom on Zhou Guoping class; Epidemic prevention problem, the county allots have epidemic situation bulletin, have guidance of itinerate of person specially assigned for a task; Feed, big company is supplied technically; Fat pig should give column, double collect company be geared to the needs of the job to buy.
To the end of last year, zhou Guoping gives column two batches of live pig, earned many yuan 10. This year in April, he increases investment, build 2 piggery.
In transfer bay town, see one chunk levels the land between two hill, standing tall and upright to count 10 brand-new pig house, walk into scrutiny, some is not finishing still.
Peng Tianming of committee member of this town Party committee introduces, 150 mode suit very much a mountainous area. Will begin last year in August, town government level off gives 80 mus of land, collect resurgence builds 150 pig farm in all 38 piggery, at present already 21 investment are used, gave column live pig last year 6000; Give column first half of the year this year 12 thousand, be equivalent to 1 many pressing down dweller average per capita to raise a pig completely; At present amount of livestock on hand 3000 bull, annual estimation can give column 20 thousand.
These 38 piggery, cent belongs to 18 to breed door. Breed door held water to protect Kang Limin live pig to breed cooperation, inside village of this centralized breed aquatics, 4 unified ” manage “ of channel of real advancing hog, instructor, epidemic prevention, sale, signed the sale contract of 5000 first-born pig through cooperation and pluvial profit group. Cooperation takes the lead, circumjacent many 80 farmer also build 150 pig farm.
Feng Baohua introduces, first half of the year, entire county accumulative total builds 150 pig farm 242, still 48 are in build.
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