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Vivid chicken demand decreases Hong Kong to be not added mid-autumn supply makin

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Report a report according to Hong Kong article, vivid chicken of “ of Hong Kong downtown streets every day after clear ” measure is carried out, hong Kong citizen is decreased to hasten of vivid chicken demand. Changsha bay temporarily on rasorial terminal market mean monthly daily and slow-moving 13% vivid chicken. Special zone government thinks, uptodate vivid chicken supply is ample handle demand of the Mid-autumn Festival, the decision abolishs a rule that celebrates the quantity that add chicken.

Many chicken are peddled already resell puts bright chicken on the ice, sales volume of your ice bright chicken rises inside two months 3 to 4 into. A chicken that already made a brand is peddled express, the price of chicken glacial delicacy is vividder chicken is cheap 6 into, preparing transition to sell ice bright chicken, open city “ to contend for business ” in eve of the Mid-autumn Festival.

Hong Kong vivid chicken is supplied fault appears by July, trade price of your work chicken rises urgently to every jins highest 23.8 yuan. Special zone government is at the beginning of August announce, outback vivid chicken is supplied add to daily 16 thousand, restore gallinaceous seedling to import, fall after a rise of gallinaceous price immediately.

After increasing chicken to measure however, changsha bay temporarily the circumstance aggravate that rasorial terminal market sells remnant chicken, reflect the condition of market supply exceeds demand. Guard the data of arrange according to fishing, terminal market is daily in August supply vivid chicken 30281, but vivid chicken of average and daily the rest is 3945, daily and average quantity of slow-moving work chicken is amounted to 13% , it is the badliest in August the middle ten days of a month, terminal market ever the rest lives 8540 times chicken, occupy total vivid chicken to measure about 24% , at present average trade price already fell reach every jins 13.8 yuan low.

Announce before Hong Kong food and health bureau are early, decision of the Mid-autumn Festival is not additional this year increase outback vivid chicken to supply, maintain everyday 16 thousand upper limit, believe to have supply enough deal with a section to celebrate demand. Fishing protects office also post a letter gives all and wholesale reach employee, as a result of terminal market everyday odd many live birds, requirement market strengthens cleanness, disinfect every week for example two inferior, with the risk that bring down avian flu erupts, this arrange can send an assault go on a tour of inspection.

Harbor Huang Weiquan of chairman of wholesale and retail chamber of commerce expresses fowl of 9 new Territories, associate with the Mid-autumn Festival is daily and least 50 thousand chicken answers city, he believes to decrease a quantity to will cite retail price of the chicken that send work this year by current every jins 28 reach 32 yuan, push reach every jins high 40 yuan.
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