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The world defends: Tiny fragments of stone of discharge denounces joint of bon

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Xinhua net Manila on September 21 report (reporter Xu Lingui) Pacific Area carries out World Health Organization on the west chairman end body luxuriant say 21 days, chinese government is adopting active and proper way to handle milk products to pollute incident in all seriousness.

End body luxuriant when reporter of Xinhua News Agency quizs, the answer on the press conference that holds in Manila says, chinese government with in all seriousness manner processing milk products pollutes incident, the action that took a series of is worth that affirm will solve a problem, the investigation that launched development and ask duty.

End body luxuriant say, defend an organization to report this to remove communal sanitation from world of the direction in September 11 after incident, both sides is maintaining the communication with seasonable unobstructed all the time.

End body luxuriant say, he hopes this has serious communal and wholesome event can as soon as possible gets controlling, and accident reason will as in the whole thing comes to light what just investigate is thorough and finally. The world defends an organization to will cooperate Chinese investigation with all one's strength, but won't launch other and independent investigation again at present.

End body luxuriant say, food safety is not the problem that China just can appear. China produces food safety problem, suffer an effect also be China not only, because international trade come-and-go is frequent, worldwide inside a lot of countries and area suffer possibly affect. He hopes international society tries hard together, the harm that pollutes this milk products incident falls lowest.

End body luxuriant say, this communal and wholesome incident exposes a local government and enterprise to exist in respect of food quality inspection flaw, the space that need improves is very large.

The world defends an organization expert of safety of Pacific Area food says on the west, just ask in the basis, the world defends constituent headquarters to be being begun 3 get together the noxiousness research of cyanogen amine, already entered an animal to test level at present, but still cannot be opposite before studying the report gives heat finally 3 get together the noxiousness of cyanogen amine undertakes making clear a definition.

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