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Justice black fowl takes the lead in centering butcher

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New newspaper dispatch (reporter Yuan Li is put) the reporter understands from bureau of development of trade of market of justice black city, rasorial butcher of justice black city will end period of ” of “ small mill, all fowl will execute justice black center butcher. Yesterday, limited company of butcher of birds of city China farmhouse holds the justice a surname that bears justice black fowl to center butcher practice ceremony, zhejiang will be become after its build go into operation the province is exclusive the fowl that a dimensions changes centers shambles.

  is current, traditional rasorial butcher is machined in small mill butcher or slaughter now in market sell now. These small mill distributing messy, choose much, side wide, administrative difficulty is great, quarantine gets very hard assuring. Live birds antecedents is unidentified, hard to avoid has the fish of escape unpunished, wait for birds to preventing avian flu kind the disease increased difficulty, to common people consumptive birds product causes huge health to browbeat. And conditions of these traditional rasorial butcher mill pallet, craft is backward, in butcher process sanitation is couldn't get assure, birds product passed pollution and alternate pollution for many times. The foul water that at the same time these rasorial butcher mill produce, contamination did not undertake environmental protection is handled, discharge chaos to put in disorder everywhere, affected the dweller's surroundings badly.

  reporter learns, fowl executes concentration after butcher, the dispersive rasorial shambles inside whole town limits (dot) will in order to shut. Live birds sale and butcher execute atrophic sex management inside market, except food market of center of the city zone and town street seat main food market is deployed a few between live birds point of sales and rasorial butcher outside, other market in principle does not set live birds point of sales and butcher, fowl of all form a complete set center butcher factory to unite by fowl between butcher manage.

After   fowl centers butcher, can flesh of birds of justice black city appear supply shortage? According to introducing, justice black city China limited company of farmhouse birds butcher always invests more than yuan 1000, use domestic and international the most advanced treatment facilities, fulfil school assignment of automation, automation line, have horary butcher the productivity of 1500 4500 chicken, duck, complete province will be made after building go into operation exclusive the rasorial shambles that a dimensions changes. The birds flesh that can satisfy justice black not only is consumed, the requirement that still can satisfy citizen of circumjacent city, county to be consumed to birds flesh at the same time.

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