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Guangzhou time epidemic situation of Yu avian flu deals with area of end epidemi

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The Ministry of Agriculture announces Guangzhou seventeen days time Yu doubt is like send diagnose of epidemic situation of ill sex avian flu high. At present market of Guangzhou each pork the rasorial uninfluenced such as chicken, duck, sales volume and price all keep stable. China News Service sends Ke Xiaojun to photograph

In office of news of electric the State Council will hold new network on September 24 morning on September 24 press conference, li Jinxiang of floorwalker of bureau of vet of Ministry of Agriculture says on the meeting, on September 17, guangzhou time Yu is new happen to cause epidemic situation of ill sex avian flu high together. Current, this epidemic situation deals with to had ended, but epidemic disease area has not removed block.

Li Jinxiang still says, make discover in the process of epidemiology investigation to this epidemic situation in us, in the duck that produces epidemic situation section was to undertake immunity really. But the just that produces epidemic situation above all is the cheeper duck that raised ten days. Because this cheeper duck is in commonly immunity is the following during 14 days arrive 21 days, ability produces antibody. Saying simply is this concept, vaccine is effective, inject is seasonable, but still produce antibody without there's still time, died unfortunately.

Li Jinxiang says, should saying to the process of rasorial immunity so is a very complex process, at the same time we also take pair of vaccinal production, quality seriously particularly, carry those who wait for link to superintend, include immune result monitor, it is very important.
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