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Domestic chicken is born " green " egg

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Had seen the duck's egg of reseda carapace, can had you seen green egg? Village of the inn before stiff city is street two of Home Luo Zhangfeng common hens, laid green carapace egg.

“ my age is so old, had not seen the egg of green carapace. ” already year the grandma tells an a white horse with a black mane of 70 the reporter, their home raised chicken, duck, goose several kinds of fowl. She feels green to housing egg is a duck all the time previously produce below, just build is bit smaller. This year the Spring Festival when, she goes feeding chicken, discover to there are two eggs below abdomen of two in the home old hens, she this ability knows those who fall to so this green carapace egg is the hen is produced. She tells a family member, the family member is half believing and half doubting. Then, grandma of a white horse with a black mane left hatch of egg of a few green carapace, what hatch comes is a chickling as expected, the chickling that hatch comes to nowadays also has a many month big.

Luo Zhangfeng tells a reporter, these two hens of her home, what feed at ordinary times is the feed such as common corn, green vegetables, differ with other chicken it doesn't matter. These two hens produce green carapace egg two days on average now, differ besides color outside, grandma of a white horse with a black mane says taste of this green carapace egg is good still, burn come out particularly sweet.

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