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Hefei fowl removes promotion to center butcher, quarantine today

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Since today, the birds such as duck of Hefei city all chicken kind the product executes concentration butcher, concentration quarantine, in birds kind when the product is sold, every approve every to must execute quarantine only, eligible birds kind set on “ examines crural annulus ” , obtain quarantine qualification to prove, had one link of “ after one card ” , birds kind the product just can appear on the market sale.

Introduce according to chief of bureau of aquatic product of Hefei city pasturage, consumption of this city rasorial busy season is daily amount to 150 thousand, off-season also have 100 thousand. Will rise on April 1 this year, hefei takes the lead in trying bit of rasorial butcher to center quarantine in complete province, two months come, fowl of butcher factory quarantine is nodded in Hong Fuding many 100 thousand, eliminate destroy by melting or burning is unqualified rasorial product 136, eliminated safe hidden danger for the citizen.

Since today, hefei city popularizes birds in whole town kind center butcher and concentration quarantine, all butcher birds kind quarantine of classics quarantine personnel is eligible, cover on after adding the ” of “ foot annulus that sticks special label, ability sells customer. Unqualified to quarantine, uniform undertake inside the factory harmless change processing. According to introducing, birds sale lives to still can last for some time on the market recently, pasturage branch will be banned stage by stage, the likelihood on prospective market won't reappear “ buys the live birds that kills ” now to trade now, the birds that all markets sell kind it is “ white a birds ” .

Bureau of aquatic product of Hefei city pasturage warns a citizen, consumer can pass “ white the quarantine foot annulus of a birds ” will decide whether does this product pass professional quarantine, if do not have,do not buy. (Zhang Yong)

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