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"Problem egg " whether be the industry goes regular?

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Big range of ground of Hong Kong such move troops about and stir up the people is checked, inland is natural also cannot apathetic, feed industry is had after all 3 get together the “ of cyanogen amine goes regular ” , fish, flesh contain do not contain 3 get together cyanogen amine, the public needs to have explain. At present " food safety law (draft) " in be being discussed, this incident of ” of “ problem egg reminds us, to 3 get together cyanogen amine, cannot establish alone occupation standard in the light of every industry, and should enter legislative order as soon as possible, will ask with law duty 3 get together the use of cyanogen amine.

Regretful is, explode a production, business that sells poisonous milk appears to be done not have like what thing nowadays now like happening, already nobody ask duty, do not see they apologize sincerely again, besides 3 deer, other companies just sufferred a few pecuniary loss in whole episode just. The such abandon of regular to breeding “ of moral course of study goes ” , be afraid that “ of can indulgent other industry goes does the wanton 橫 of regular ” go? Today, when 3 get together cyanogen amine is regarded as likely when additive is used, we should act on the manner that raises bone in the egg more, will superintend, safeguard provision is safe.

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