First the phenomenon pecking anus of laying hen

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Just opening yield chicken to peck anus is brood Yo is become commonly period bad place reachs growth, egg chicken grows 84 climate its body tall build is basic development ends, if amid is tibial development is undesirable, pubic growth is too narrow can bring about postpartum often peck anus. The following chicken pecks the height anus basically is coliform organisms enteritis causes oviduct phlogistic, begin an egg to take dung, blood is carried after, appear subsequently peck anus, after be being taken off first, peck. Solve alvine path problem above all, phlogistic to disease cure oviduct, adopt strengthen ventilated, improve an environment, adjust alvine path balance, reduce illumination, reasonable break rostellum, raise the level of egg ammonia acid and sulfur, classics is commonly used and multidimensional water wait for measure to be able to decrease peck anus happening. If discover an egg,carry blood or already prolapse of the anus pecks the chicken of anus to answer seasonable check goes out to nurse alone.

Institute of prevention and cure of disease of birds of cultivate of Jinan Wei Kang holds the post of Chun Qing

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