Cause chicken to produce the main contagion that the egg drops

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The element that causes chicken to produce an egg to drop is very much, uniformity of disease, nutrition, illumination, temperature, air, water quality, weight and environment should be stimulated etc. And contagion is the biggest hidden trouble, if decrease,the egg is asked for integratedly (EDS - infectivity of 76) , chicken is bronchitic (epidemic disease of SARS of IB) , laying hen new city (ND) , chicken is swollen the head is asked for integratedly (SHS) , avian flu (AI) , birds encephalomyelitis (blain of AE) , birds (body of POX) , mildew defeating blood. The harm decreasing an egg that reachs place to cause to their main symptom now summarize as follows:
One, chicken produces an egg to drop to be asked for integratedly (EDS - 76)
1, popular feature
Chicken of egg of commodity of main enroach on is mixed kind of chicken, cause quantity yield an egg to drop badly the character that reachs an egg is reduced.
For EDS - 76 virus, main enroach on produces egg period chicken, other day does not have apparently clinical symptom after age chicken infection. Virus often goes within its body before gallinaceous sex is mature, infection chicken does not have clinical symptom, also check antibody very hard. Chicken opens the virus when producing to be activationed, breed in great quantities in reproductive system. Virus but classics egg is perpendicular transmission, pass pharynx and larynx and eduction of excrement and urine. The embryo that suffers infection is the most dangerous contagion source. Natural host is duck, goose, but see egg chicken comes on only, chicken of brown carapace egg feels most easily.
3, symptom and pathological changes
Come on main concentration is in 26 - 43 week age. After just entering the young chicken that produces egg period to affect cannot at leaving postpartum 2 - 4 peak yield an egg is reached inside week. When grown laying hen is affected, volume yield an egg drops suddenly, it is 20 % commonly - 50 % , classics 4 - the 10 ability after week restore gradually, but still short of is normal level, the ” of form of “ Shuang Feng that produces egg curve to show a pattern. Decreasing an egg to return companion to chorion fades at the same time reach egg of the more frivolous case egg, soft carapace egg, egg that do not have housing, rough hard surface and abnormal egg. The egg white all round unusual egg yolk is thick stiff egg white of muddy, the others is transparent be like water. Be fertilized ratio is normal, but hatch rate is reduced apparently, dead embryo rate is as high as 10 % - 12 % . Tubal isthmus and uterus have catarrh sex inflammation.
Treat a method without specially good effect, can undertake precautionary with immune have an inoculation only.
Vaccine is used. Place of safety, open antenatal 2 - seedling of 5 weeks of vaccinal couplet; Come on epidemic disease area, open antenatal 2 - 4 weeks of vaccinal and monovalent seedlings; Weigh epidemic disease area, open antenatal 4 - 6 weeks are mixed 2 - 4 weeks of each immunity, all use monovalent young animal.
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