The prevention and cure of disease of enteritis of chicken of summertime meat yo

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In recent years, in young age a kind of special stunt disease happens in many fowl-run frequent in the fryer, vet of down to some thinks it is a kind of disease no longer. Actually, it never is ignored to raising the harm of gallinaceous line of business.
Current, grow about this kind of stunt disease name a lot of, the person that call " of " summer enteritis or sex of " shuttle bacterium enteritis " among them is more. Cause of disease learns to study a proof, its cause of disease is bacterium of shuttle of film of pod yield gas (also call shuttle of family name of the Kingdom of Wei bacterium) , but other bacteria also may have certain effect. In recent years this kind of disease is mixed in the fryer other grow fast cultivate birds (the calf that be like the flesh) medium incidence of a disease has the tendency that increases gradually.
Symptom and diagnose
Although ill name each different, but this ill clinical symptom is consistent. Main show is serious mental depressed, most case of illness collects appetite to drop, excrement and urine is loose, contain more liquid, surface layer excrement and urine is more ropy, or diarrhoea; waters, feed comparing increases, day weightening finish is reduced. Course of course of diseases is extremely short, often show acute death.

This ill pathological changes basically sees at small intestine, dilate of visible bowel antrum aerates, alvine wall is added thick, alvine wall congests, have haemorrhage spot. Alvine mucous membrane is necrotic, show size to differ, appearance the bogus film appearance of each different is necrotic kitchen. Main show is histology pathological changes necrotic sex cellulose sexual enteritis.
To detect the change of excrement and urine, the expert invented a kind of handy device, be about to a crate that takes gauze is put in henhouse, in gauze underlay a piece of new paper, observe the area that is soaked by the liquid all round the excrement and urine on newspaper. Normal excrement and urine won't produce wet division, and the wet division that the ill chicken that suffers from enteritis of shuttle bacterium sex can form a clarity on newspaper.
Prevention and cure wants a place
Strengthen raise management, disinfect sterilization regularly, reasonable supply nutrition, increase chicken disease-resistant capacity, it is the main measure that prevents disease of effect a permanent cure.

Antibiotic hurried is added to grow appropriately in feed agent, conduce to the quantitative; that reduces bacterium of shuttle of film of pod yield gas be in the ration that replaces partial corn with wheat, add compound enzymatic preparation, can reduce this ill incidence of a disease. Do well the environment is wholesome, henhouse and environment often are disinfected, enrage bacterium of pod film shuttle in order to reduce the yield in the environment.
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