Chorion change has inducement

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The actor bad of chorion quality is direct benefit of influence breed aquatics, laying rate drops, most first the change that adumbrating is chorion quality, the factor that affects chorion quality is more, contagion, nutritional error of disease, government can affect chorion quality, lack element of which kinds of nutrition, cause chorion to damage bigger, does the influence produce benefit and economic income?
Contagious disease raises the laying hen of same breed, those who absorb a requirement is different, below coequal condition, appear different chorion quality, cause the change of individual metabolization ability, general nutrition asks the situation is different, causing some kind of disease is main factor, the virus sex disease that is like infectivity, epidemic disease of avian flu, new city, decrease the egg is asked for integratedly and conduct a quality that waits for metropolis influence chorion.
Environment of difference of raise canal condition makes macroclimate is exchanged all the year round apparent, chun Xia is the optimal season of laying hen, the requirement that daily natural illumination can satisfy laying hen at least 16 hours, wintry autumn needs light of artificial supply nature, conditional should install artificial illumination controller, ability achieves sunshine 16 hours, if error can affect the quality of chorion, and cause broken.
The temperature inside the temperature henhouse of microenvironment is the healthy and sensitive index that decides to produce chicken, it is 25 ℃ left and right sides normally, fluctuant limits is in ℃ of 18 ℃ ~27, prep above or under this fluctuant limits, metropolis influence produces an egg. When more than 30 ℃ chicken can appear heat should stimulate response, the carbon dioxide with many expiration, lactic acid is in blood agglutinate, make value of blood pressure PH elevatory, the calcium of the dissociate in blood is united in wedlock with albumen and lactic acid respectively, cause hematic calcium to drop quickly the calcium that enters tubal chorion secretory decreases, make chitinous quantity reduces the egg, be in so the summer, special attention wants to do well when air temperature is high sunstroke prevention drops in temperature, the sunshade that build canopy is strengthened appropriately ventilated.
Medicaments although some medicaments can be antiseptic, but its side-effect also can destroy chorion secretory the normal function of body, throw into confusion the absorption of the calcium inside body and vitamin D3 and its metabolization content and eliminate, the chorion quality with throw into confusion normal.
Should stimulate common should stimulate include to cut off the water supply, power cut and abrupt noise, practice proves to cut off the water supply suddenly 4 hours to produce an egg with respect to meeting influence, power cut produces a number of the egg and quality 24 hours with respect to meeting influence, more apparent is vaccinal after I of new city epidemic disease fastens vaccine, produce soft skin egg particularly much, new city epidemic disease is spent in the specification stronger to eroding power tubally, influence bowel path assimilates nutrient substance, affect process of tubal gland calcify, the calcium of cloggy chorion is normal and deposit, egg of deformation of egg of occurrence sand carapace.
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