The make a diagnosis and give treatment of disease of gallinaceous feather cooti

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1, send ill case
Some chicken field has 5 years to raise gallinaceous experience, annual it is before one year spring enters cheeper, produce egg period through 1, wear the 2nd year below autumn, use enter completely go out completely make. At the beginning of December 2005, the chicken of egg of 20 thousand youths of this 4 henhouse amount of livestock on hand produces egg quantity to drop significantly, have wool appearance, medicaments of antibiosis all alone is added in a variety of the calcium in ever adjusting feed, phosphor, vitamin content and illumination intensity and feed, remedial effect all not beautiful.
2, clinical symptom
Chicken group spirit is lively, constant jam, move restlessly disturbed, occurrence Jing group phenomenon, feather is shock, break fold be in the majority, most chicken pecks oneself feather, gallinaceous body is angular, skin of the place that drop wool is visible roseola, scurfy, examine gallinaceous system, rarer place skin reachs the feather below visible head, neck, back, abdomen, wing have on feather radical ministry many a cootie formicate, prize rises scurfy.
3, diagnose
According to chicken group the expression of strange urticant uneasiness is right chicken group undertake checking, discover gallinaceous body skin parasitism of feather radical ministry is many a cootie, many chicken did not see analyse check pathology symptom. Diagnose mixes infection for cootie of cloth with soft nap of head louse of gallinaceous body louse, chicken, chicken.
4, cure
With 12. Ester of chrysanthemum of 5mg/kg bromic cyanogen is right gallinaceous body sparge, appliance of paratactic ‘ henhouse is disinfected, be in the 4th day after medicine of L second gush, the 10th day each again gush L second, the chicken after week of gush medicine L group healthy situation takes a favourable turn apparently, quantity yield an egg picks up gradually, via 3 sparge dipping, feather cootie dies entirely, chicken produces egg quantity to return to normal.
5, precaution
Chicken group spray with medicaments regularly disinfection, every 2 months undertake L second, after this did not produce this disease this again.
6, brief summary
Feather cootie is the verminosis outside the system with common chicken, all can happen all the year round, mix with feather scurfy to feed, because disease takes cootie chicken to contact infection each other through chicken, its harm depends on gallinaceous body influences rate, the chicken with serious infection group can cause chickling to grow suffocate suffocate, into chicken quantity yield an egg decreases, because worry gallinaceous symptom show is not apparent, often did not cause people enough take seriously, make this disease did not gain seasonable and effective control thereby.
This ill clinical symptom is easy by by accident examine is feed nutrition not complete, be short of calcium and other microelement, illumination intensity passes to wait greatly, encounter doubt to seem case, should check cause of disease, so that affirm, rational therapy.
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