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Music mycosis says mould sex is pneumonic again or brood room is pneumonic, smoke aspergillus bacterium is the mould of cause of disease with this main disease, most common with the force that cause disease the strongest. Grow at the beginning of bacterium colony of smoke aspergillus bacterium for white compact villiform, after bacterium colony forms a large number of spore, its center is shown shallow glaucous, the surface shows bottle green, celadon to be black velvet shape even. Music mycosis is smooth raise disease of the fryer's common sex of a kind of fungus, especially the spring of moisture of southern overcast and rainy is most common.

Generally speaking fryer happening mould often fills up contact of makings, feed or spore of inspiratory and many mould because of what change with mildew and infection. The mildew of feed becomes much to cross the long, place in sucking tide or chicken to eat the feed when feeding to drop mat makings to cause to set time, the mildew change of mat makings is much is wood branny fail to sufficient insolation sucks tide and be sent. Fryer individually day age can be affected, easy sensibility of Dan Youchu is highest, acute of Chang Chengqun happening breaks out the gender is passed, dead amount is large, mortality is % of 5 % —50 commonly, and it is only into chicken send out quality.
Clinical symptom

This ill general component is acute model (weigh breath again model or defeat blood group) and chronic model. Depressed of ill chicken spirit, be addicted to sleeps, appetite decreases or abandon absolutely. Crane dehisce, breath is difficult, because coronal and wattle are anoxic cyanosis, see cervical gasbag is apparently outspread when ill chicken is inspiratory. Other people of account of spherule of maize cheese appearance is formed below eye film, palpebral strut, ulcer is formed in the center of bigger chickling cornea. Individual birds appears only the nerve symptom such as paralytic, convulsions, cervical twist. Acute often be after occurrence symptom 2 - 3 days of death, 1 - the chickling Chang Daqun of 4 week age comes on, mortality is 5 % - 50 % , show chronic course more into chicken, mortality is not tall.
Pathology changes

Pathological changes basically sees at lung and gasbag, lung sees bacterium colony of mould having music and Su Li come greatly gram pieplant white or hoar cheese appearance are necrotic and nodal, its character is stronger, tangent plane has layer shape structure it is thus clear that, the center is caseous appearance necrotic organization. Defeat blood type pathological changes badly, the yellow that gasbag has homocentric circle state it is thus clear that is necrotic kitchen, expand even the organ such as liver, heart, kidney and milt. Outside dividing lung and gasbag, wait to also discover mycosis kitchen in tracheal bronchus or kidney of alvine chorion liver. Have the chicken of neurosis shape, cerebral ministry sees have meningitis.
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