The fryer mixes the make a diagnosis and give treatment of feeling catch a disea

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Alleged fryer mixes feeling catch a disease is infectivity pointing to chicken the mixture infection of disease of bursa of law family name and new city epidemic disease, coliform organisms, its are main symptom: Hind feather vertical stroke has loose chaos of mental depressed, feather, head, appetite decreases, water grow in quantity, do not love feather is polluted by excrement and urine all round activity, watery diarrhoea, anus, get a severe disease chicken is exceeding frail, angular, dehydrate, fail finally and die.

1. ministry check changes

Stomach of leg ministry muscle, gland and flesh stomach make contact and heart hat adipose haemorrhage is nodded, canaliculus of intumescent, kidney and ureter have the kidney hyperaemia of bursa of family name of deposit of uric acerbity salt, law and oedema. Pericardium accumulates fluid, heart, liver to ivory, false film is enclothed.

2. treats a method

(1) virus spirit is cast in watering former pink, electroanalysis, gentamicin of much peace keeping. Dosage presses the specification that pack can.

(2) the has effect of prevention and cure to epidemic disease of bursa of law family name, new city Chinese herbal medicine when person of the mix into in feed.

(3) flesh notes new city epidemic disease and antibody of yolk of bursa of law family name. Dosage: Chickling (10 day age less than) every 1 milliliter, in chicken (10 ~ 30 day age) every 1.5 milliliter, big chicken (30 day age with above) every 2 milliliter.

3. curative effect observes

Survey 12 case in all, dissect case 16 times, diagnose epidemic disease of new city of disease of bursa of family name of the law that it is chicken, chicken, coliform organisms to mix infection. Among them 8 use methods of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of treatment, before 4 are used only 2 kinds, course of diseases all improves somewhat, without recrudesce;

4. brief summary

(1) 3 kinds of fryers that happen this mix feeling catch a disease, the symptom is apparent, incidence of a disease is high, mortality is extremely low (in 1% ~ 5% ) , near future happening contracts gallinaceous disease in the mixture of fryer field, all be incidence of a disease taller, if can use medicine in time to be treated to disease, on time immunity, can reduce mortality, do not have recrudesce.

(2) the basis comes on day age, one the earliest is in the 8th day, 8 are in the 14th ~ 17 days, 3 are after 30 days, proposal happening crosses this kind of ill chicken field, new city epidemic disease and immunity of bursa of law family name should shift to an earlier date.

(3) once cultivate birds comes on, affect weightening finish already, cost again, medicine of bad news makings, bad news, reduce economic benefits. So, want to do good precaution immunity above all, reach according to this field all round the epidemiology of gallinaceous field, adjust immune program in time; It is to should be strengthened next raising management is the base that raises chicken, strict alexipharmic job is to cure the link with indispensable chicken.
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