Union of Chinese and Western treats syndrome of chickling liver kidney

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5 cure

① waters, every 50kg waters in join virus Qing Dynasty (bases is board Lan Gen, 2 flowers) 25g, liver is swollen health (bases is slender acanthopanax of Daqingxie, thorn to wait) 50g, disappear of kidney gall wind (bases is lustre have diarrhoea, Fu Ling to wait) 50g, zhi Daning (bases is asthma beautiful Lai this etc) 50g, multidimensional dextrose pink 500g, connect water 3 ~ 5 days. ① joins vitamin K3 in every 50kg feed, 1.2g, vitamin C2g, disappear feeds 250g of treasure of be good at stomach, birds is used lure the 20g that feed an agent, mix continuously makings a week, heal.

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