Union of Chinese and Western treats syndrome of chickling liver kidney

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Since 2000, my county can appear every year a kind of disease that basically endangers chickling, because of check of the analyse after dying main pathological change is on liver, kidney, denominate of reason of short duration is chickling liver kidney integrated disease. Will 4 years receive 280 in all, cure 270, cure rate is 96% . Reach process of make a diagnosis and give treatment and colleague to be discussed jointly with respect to this ill happening now.

1 hair sick condition

This disease is done not have apparent seasonal, come on the earliest is 2 day age, the latest in 42 day age, control in 5 buccal age centrally mostly. Course of diseases 3 ~ 5 day or longer, mortality is tall, heal hind still can affect all sorts of vaccinal immunity results, whole raise period cease disease of weak easy infection, serious effect raises the economic benefits of gallinaceous line of business.

2 clinical symptoms

Come on chicken group major drive is normal, individual chicken appears shut an eye to stay stand, feather thick chaos, abdomen bilges cyanosis of full, abdominal skin, discover white or olive excrement and urine sometimes, without respiratory tract symptom, be less than a day to death from occurrence symptom.

Pathological changes of 3 analyse check

Hypodermically a few maize jelly shape accumulate fluid, chest muscle submits ripe flesh form or pick up yellow, thymus hyperaemia or atrophy, lobar essence has bloodshot silk; Milt intumescent, hyperaemia, be cherry red or be black red; Hepatomegaly Titian is miscellaneous, the cloth on liver velamen has spot of green of pinpoint shape copper, gallbladder bilges full, the excessive outside bile; Whole bowel chorion is color of color of loess; Kidney is yellow red or earthy yellow, there are a few make water acerbity salts inside ureter; Shank marrow is hoar. Bursa of yolk of the chickling inside 7 day age turns into olive liquid.

4 typical case

On June 13, 2004, some of town of hill of block of town smooth county raises gallinaceous door to be planted from Nanyang city some gallinaceous field introduces chickling of 1700 Luo Man, 2 day age come on suddenly, ever used Sha Xing of fluorine of lactic acid Nuo, fourth amine to block that to wait respectively water, invalid death 360, 6 day age come examine. Action in chief: Swarm spirit, appetite is normal, without respiratory tract symptom, fragmentary appear pull excrement and urine of green, yellow white, spirit is depressed and die. Analyse check sees hypodermically yellow accumulates fluid, chest muscle is yellow red or ripe flesh shape, thymus atrophy, hepatomegaly is stain of green of yellow gules extensive, intumescent hyperaemia is kidney yellow red or earthy yellow, yolk bursa is olive liquid. Take dead chicken fresh liver makes section, observe there is excuse body to exist inside liver cell below electric lens; Touch with liver and milt piece, coloring of lucky family name or change coloring of orchid family name, see fine smallish bacili; Green bacterium colony is formed after fostering have an inoculation of pathological changes organization to common agaragar. Diagnose for chickling music of green pus lever and Hun of excuse body hepatitis add up to disease.
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