Summertime fowl subject two kinds of disease

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Nutritional the disease is to because substance of some kind of nutrition is lacked inside body,point to fowl commonly, cannot keep normal physiology and the disease that production needs and cause. The nutrient lack disease that often produces has protein to lack disease, vitamin to lack disease and inorganic salt to lack disease.
Clinical symptom is thin, grow slow, break down, color of next eye disease, dysentery, hair does not have light, peck be addicted to of addiction, different to wait, still can cause other infection, very big to rasorial harm. Because its hair cause of disease is varied, eliminate and feed quality have immediate concern outside, still with the environment, should stimulate, collect appetite metabolization to having close relationship, and other of outclass of incidence of a disease is seasonal.
To reduce the summer nutritional the happening that lacks disease disease, should the reason that the basis comes on, take corresponding step. Do good sunstroke prevention to drop in temperature above all in the summer the job, if strengthen take a breath, spray light of cold water, keep out, ground of utmost of in an attempt to reduces the effect that heat should stimulate, achieve decrease water quantity, increase collect appetite, reduce the loss of the nutrient inside body, goal that makes sure airframe metabolizes normally. Want those who notice feed to deposit time and condition next, had better use fresh fodder, the summer should choose ventilated, dry, shady and cool place store, time should not exceed 15 days, nutrient material should complement when be being used otherwise (wait like vitamin, protein feed) , in case the inadequacy of nutrient material.
Element of toxic yellow aspergillus is in element of vigilant yellow aspergillus below warm and damp condition, grow very easily to breed and produce toxin in cereal. Raise feeds mildewy feed, often cause yellow aspergillus element toxic. Yellow aspergillus bacterium can produce toxin to show foregone have 8 kinds, among them the poisonous force with B1 toxin is the most powerful, all have acuteness noxiousness to person cultivate and fowl, basically be to damage the liver of the animal to have the effect that cause cancer. In fowl the sensitivity with chickling is highest, toxic hind can cause large quantities of death.
Main and clinical symptom is fed to abandon, next dysentery, skin cadaverous or icteric, productivity drops, exhaustion dies. Check of the analyse after dying, main disease turns into: Haemorrhage of hepatic and intumescent, sclerotic, flimsy, icteric, stain or hoar stain shape are necrotic kitchen, ascites; Conscience has haemorrhage, pericardium accumulates fluid; Pancreas dirty atrophy (by become equably scraggly or meshy) ; Kidney is intumescent, alvine mucous membrane bleeds.
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