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Peck feather (FP) is birds kind typical particularity behavior, peck the feather of other chicken namely, some pulls out even feather is eaten off (Blokhuis and Wiepkema, 1998) . Pecking a since economy problem also is welfare problem. Saying is an economy problem, as a result of the chicken with bare skin of feather, attaint meeting loss quantity of heat is mixed waste much energy, use up more food to maintain temperature so (Leeson and Morrison, 1978) , its collect appetite to increase 30%(Emmans and Charles almost, 1987; Tauson and Svensson, 1980) , bring about culturist to throw bigger fee. In animal welfare respect, feather is pecked for chicken or pulling out to be being pecked is a kind of anguish (Gentle and Hunter, 1990) . And bring about feather state aggravation, feather loss, these endanger ability of its heat preservation. Peck a cortical loss that still can cause the chicken that be pecked badly and produce congener photograph damage, produce more serious injury and casualties thereby (Eg, hughes and Duncan 1972; Allen and Perry, 1975; Craig and Lee, 1990) .

2 about pecking a few kinds of hypothesis of a reason

Blokhuis(1986) thinks to peck feather with egg chicken search feed behavior to concern. This kind of hypothesis is based on fowl to be in what what in seeking alimental course, appear to be mixed in ground peck scratch catch act (Savory 1995) . When chicken located environment lacks chicken to find the material that feed (straw, wood chip, sand, peat piece) meeting aggravate is pecked feather happen. Below the manufacturing condition that changes in contemporary intensive, chicken is collected freely mostly feed, oneself nutrition needs to get very quickly satisfaction, such chicken expenditure are being collected feed the time that attend to decrease relatively, odd and free time is opposite more. Condition of core of together with basket is drab, search feed behavior to cannot get satisfy and show, bring about generation unusual action, peck the target that hit to produce change, begin to peck the chicken of other. This kind of hypothesis has been raised to be in the comparative laboratory that lacks the chicken below all sorts of peck material and two kinds of ambient conditions that raise the mat grass in all sorts of types to peck a circumstance confirms (Ellethev Et Al.2001; Huber-Eicher and Wechsler, 1998) .

Vestergaard and Lisborg(1993) think to peck feather form with Sha Yu behavior is concerned. Show Sha Yu when chicken especially when the desire, and the environment with located chicken is drab, bath behavior cannot get sand to satisfy and be shown, such bringing about peck a behavior to increase. The experiment of Norgaard-Nielsen(1997) makes clear, peck a behavior without what offer the chicken of sand the chicken that apparent prep above offers grit.

Peck feather another kind of likely hypothesis thinks to peck feather it is the behavior that as a result of social element is not mutation. Cloutier Et Al. (2000) thinks to peck feather either concern with poor environment, concern with the social environment with located chicken however. the chicken that has a few chicken that peck a behavior to introduce 4 week age group in, discovery brings about whole chicken group peck a degree to rise significantly, (Zeltner Et A1.2000) has report to have in the physiology phase chicken of early peck a phenomenon, firm even postnatal the first day, at this moment peck and mechanism of sanded bath behavior still shape without development (Riedestra and Groothuis, 2002) . Peck it is thus clear that feather this kind produces a mechanism or have certain academic ground.
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