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Gallinaceous blain is the infection of sex of a kind of contact that causes chicken by gallinaceous blain virus, clinical go up to often can be divided for the skin model, mucous membrane, eye, mix model, have occasionally defeat blood group. This disease distributings extensively at world each district, especially large fowl-run, the country raises gallinaceous big field, large family mediumly easier popularity. Can send after gallinaceous sicken grow stunt, volume yield an egg drops, if erupt simultaneously when situation of other contagion, verminosis and wholesome condition, nutrition is bad, cause gallinaceous batch death easily, especially when chickling affects gallinaceous blain criterion mortality is taller, affect the manufacturing beneficial result of the course of study that raise chicken severely. As contemporary the development of the course of study that raise chicken, the amplification of the scale of production that raise chicken, breed the addition of density, gallinaceous blain presents a new popular characteristic. This disease all has all the year round almost happen, xiao heighten of incidence of a disease of day age chickling, come on gallinaceous course of diseases and mortality, fall into disuse rate increase, provisions chicken person those who cause is disastrous. Accordingly, know the popular new characteristic of gallinaceous blain in the round, the measure of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment that specific aim ground adopts effective also became the urgent matter of the course of study that raise chicken.

The popular new characteristic of gallinaceous blain

Gallinaceous blain is widespread, distributinging area of disease of blain of general to raising gallinaceous line of business to endanger chicken is wide, almost all the place that raises chicken has gallinaceous blain disease to happen, and all can come on all the year round, especially with age the season with two season and midge active fly flows the most easily row, in chicken group high density raises a condition to fall, helminth of watch of ventilated and crowded, undesirable, dark, damp, body, vitamin is lacked and raise administrative extensive, can make chicken group the illness is aggravating, if accompany,have disease of rhinitis of grape coccus, infectivity, chronic respiratory tract, can cause large quantities of chicken death, especially the breed aquatics in large fowl-run, country is big field, large family, as a result of chicken group high density is raised, control chicken artificially raise administrative requirement, once gallinaceous blain is ill eruptive, namely easy provisions chicken person cause disaster.

Xiao the advantage chicken blain that the gallinaceous blain incidence of a disease of day age chickling has raise can affect any day age chicken group, mix in order to affect Yo into chicken especially laying hen is relatively general, xiao the chicken of day age group the scale that infection comes on is inferior. Accordingly, program of active gallinaceous blain immunization and major vaccine (poisonous force is more powerful) agree with more chicken of 20 day age above group immunity is vaccinal. But in recent years, 30 day age are the following chicken group gallinaceous blain comes on have add tall sequel gradually, clinical the chicken that goes up to ever had 7 day age less than group the report that produces gallinaceous blain disease. Come on in the light of gallinaceous blain have Xiang Xiaori age chickling adds tall sequel gradually, current, a lot of fowl-run and raise gallinaceous door to be on guard small days age the gallinaceous blain of chickling is popular, undertook chicken the trial that blain head avoids day age to shift to an earlier date, the attempt appeared however as a result two kinds of circumstances, it is vaccinal to days small age the immune effect of chickling is inferior to person meaning, the chickling as usual after immunity affects gallinaceous blain easily; 2 it is small after blain of chicken of have an inoculation of immunity of day age chickling is vaccinal, vaccinal and undesirable reaction is severe, the spirit after often bringing about chickling immunity have an inoculation is heavy desire, inappetence, as a result grows stunt, partial chickling produces taller mortality, serious person be as high as 30% above even. Accordingly, how be on guard small days age cheeper is difficult produce gallinaceous blain, became place in rasorial vaccine to develop branch of epidemic prevention of birds of unit, cultivate and farm at present (door) one of issues that care jointly and need to discuss.
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