The pathogeny of fryer kidney disease reachs measure of prevention and cure

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In last few years, commodity fryer (include fast large Bai Yu miscellaneous chicken of cock of miscellaneous chicken of fryer, Huang Yu's fryer, meat, egg, earth) development is rapid, breed door to go after faster growth speed, reduce mortality, manufacturing middling often uses all sorts of antibiotic remedy in great quantities, protein scale on the high side and other chicken are ill in feed, can cause the nephritic disease of commodity fryer, suffer from chicken main show drops to collect appetite, water grow in quantity, discharge white Xi dung, deposit of acerbity salt of make water of many lime appearance sees after anatomizing at official of the viscera inside kidney, book or tubal etc, the kidney is intumescent wait for a symptom.
One, hair cause of disease because
1, protein content is long-term and exorbitant in feed the disease that cause is treated (also weigh gout) . Commodity fryer (miscellaneous chicken of cock of special field eye and earth) growing in the process if protein content is exorbitant, cause acerbity increase of metabolization Central Plains, make increase of uric acerbity salt, cannot excrete in time go out deposit at kidney, urethral. The place such as mark canal, cause chicken death. Come on chicken is controlled in 14 day age commonly, the 20 % ~ that mortality takes nephrosis death chicken 30 % (similarly hereinafter) .
2, mineral scale is undeserved in feed, basically be scale of calcium, phosphor undeserved, clamp, sylvite is too much and the disease that cause. Majority comes on gallinaceous appetite drops. Water grow in quantity, discharge white rare dung, accompany have skeletal growth undesirable, bring about cannot stand, digestive obstacle is gotten the better of angular, till die. Occupy the 5 % of 2 % ~ of ill chicken.
3, vitamin A inadequacy is caused. Ill chicken expression is kidney cadaverous and intumescent, deposit and many make water is acerbity inside kidney canaliculus salt, coronal and beard turn into hoar, material of appearance of cheese of the save up inside eye face, grow backwater, in all aid is maladjusted, even liver, lienal, pericardium and heart have deposit of uric acerbity salt, most chicken behaves the 10 % of 5 % ~ of the symptom, chicken that take disease later in 7 day age.
4, abuse medicaments or use sulphur amine remedy for a long time. Destroyed kidney spherule filtration and cause acerbity increase of the make water inside body, cause uric acerbity salt to be inside body grow in quantity, expression is a kidney intumescent, appear certain ascites, film of ureter, pericardium, mesentery has acerbity salt of hoar make water it is thus clear that. Come on because time uses drug how many or time and different. This kind of circumstance occupies the 35 % of 20 % ~ of total incidence of a disease.
5, other disease is caused. Basically be disease of bursa of family name of law of gallinaceous dysentery characterized by white mucous stool, paratyphoid, typhoid fever, chicken wait, the nephritic disease cause of disease that above disease place causes, what basically send disease popularity case with this area place is different and answer now, come on day age, incidence of a disease is different also. The kidney changes is only among them a symptom, not be deadly main reason, diagnostic Shi Yinggen is occupied microbial wait for a circumstance with epidemic and decide, this kind of circumstance occupies the 50 % of 30 % ~ of ill chicken.
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