The simple and easy diagnostic of laying hen disease

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Laying hen group in once appear sicken chicken, must undertake keeping apart cure instantly, otherwise, affect not only produce an egg, and make epidemic situation easily eruptive. For this, the simple and easy diagnostic of disease of a few kinds of chicken introduces below.
◆ sees chicken group condition
Undertake the static state observes above all, be in namely chicken group chicken of the observation below quiet circumstance group have sleep without cough, asthma, groan, salivate, be addicted to, make madly reach from group alone the pathology phenomenon such as place; It is dynamic observation next, chicken group drive move make its run walk, observe sign of station standing position, look have without gammy, break down wait for a phenomenon.
◆ looks collect appetite
Chicken group collect appetite normally to differ and have respective fixed amount according to breed commonly, if chicken group collect appetite to drop abruptly, outside excluding the influencing factor such as metamorphism of climate, feed, with respect to the factor that should consider a disease.
◆ sees cockscomb
Healthy cockscomb is big smooth, fleshy beard left and right sides is equal, color is bright red, be full of flexibility, feel warmth;
Ill cockscomb beard becomes angry, atrophic or intumescent, grow sometimes have a foreign body. Cockscomb shows wine to see Yu Qin the acute contagion such as typhoid fever of epidemic disease of new city of flu, chicken, fowl cholera, chicken;
Show violet black to see more at pesticide toxic;
Present green purple, the likelihood contracted erysipelas disease or disease of a few toxic sexes;
The white that show blue is short of disease of courage and uprightness to suffer from more;
Atrophy of the white that show blue sees typhoid fever of birds of Yu Man sex;
Cockscomb height is intumescent see at contagious rhinitis;
Covering of gray of appearance of a bran appears first on cockscomb, the dry callous red-letter day that grows gram bead size next, the person that tubercle highlights surface of Yu Guan beard sees at gallinaceous blain;
Thin crust of a black grows on cockscomb, shuck smooth cuticular organization or granulation organization are shown to be grape coccus disease more after thin crust.
◆ sees excrement and urine
The excrement and urine of eduction of healthy chicken place, show cylindrical or form, palm green, soft hard moderate, the one aspect of the matter in gallinaceous dung the uric acerbity salt with a few white, not effluvial; Everyday the excrement and urine of eduction of morning first time shows honey yellow, mushy, belong to normal phenomenon.
And the excrement and urine of ill chicken, its appearance, color and quality of a material often “ due to illness and different ” , the change that observation chicken dung can adopt on production will understand chicken group healthy state and diagnose certain chicken disease:
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