The common chicken that behaves respiratory tract symptom is ill

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Respiratory tract disease of chicken is raising chicken is more complex in production, the sort of the disease is very much also. Have a plenty of what cause by virus, have a plenty of mix by the bacterium raise former put oneself in another's position to cause. Accordingly, respiratory tract disease of chicken is raising chicken is a kind of disease that nots allow to ignore in production. Precaution and disease of seasonable cure respiratory tract important, because this kind of disease often happens,be on one hand, all sorts of day age chicken all can be affected. It is the afterwards hair infection that incidence of a disease causes a variety of diseases tall and easily on the other hand, can make chickling grows stunt, grown chicken is produced the egg drops and cause all sorts of day age chicken dies. Notable is, no matter disease of which kinds of respiratory tract happens, from clinical symptom and chicken group behaving those who go up to happen very hard certainly is which kind of respiratory tract diseases, to diagnose the difficulty with be brought certain. Clinical on simple cent is the disease of the respiratory tract symptom that can cause chicken the following kinds:

1, virus is ill (infectivity of epidemic disease of gallinaceous new city, chicken infectivity of bronchitic, chicken larynx tracheitis, avian flu)

2, mildew body is ill (chicken defeats disease of hematic mildew body)

3, bacterial sex disease (dysentery characterized by white mucous stool of gallinaceous infectivity rhinitis, chicken, birds is choleraic)

4, other disease (gallinaceous music mycosis, carbon monoxide toxic, heatstroke)

5, mixture infection

One, virus is ill

1, epidemic disease of gallinaceous new city (ND)

This disease by deputy stick virus to belong to poison of new city epidemic disease to cause, all sorts of day age chicken can be affected and come on. Protection antibody of chicken can divide the IgG in the IgA that is mucous membrane surface and serum, the ability when antibody of respiratory tract mucous membrane and serum antibody achieve certain drop to spend prevents the happening of new city epidemic disease effectively. As a result of head dismiss a method the choice is undeserved (if water immune) , the antibody of respiratory tract mucous membrane that causes chicken did not reach protective level, or make antibody of new city epidemic disease not tall in serum, cause chicken to produce new city epidemic disease.

Clinical expression is, often dehisce breathes, sound of “ murmur ” is given out when breath, have throw head and deglutition action, craw seeper, when be being carried mucous or feed is poured out of in great quantities from inside the mouth, pull green rare dung.

Analyse check is visible, laryngeal hyperaemia, haemorrhage, tracheal and mucous grow in quantity, mucous membrane is added thick, pathological change of systemic haemorrhage sex is apparent, gland stomach tit bleeds, shape of nucleus of jujube of alvine path mucous membrane bleeds, gastric bowel speaks inflammation of sex of courage and uprightness, catarrh.
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