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For cogent strengthen avian flu epidemic situation to prevent control the job, fall the loss that breeds enterprise and farmer to lowermost rate hard, stimulative fowl profession persists healthy progress, basis " a certain number of opinions that general office of the State Council develops about helping housekeeping birds industry " (the country does hair 〔 2005 〕 56) spirit, the principle that saves oneself to give aid to with the country lash-up of photograph union, formulate gives aid to arrange bestow builds steady progress to grow effect mechanism photograph to be united in wedlock appropriately according to enterprise and farmer production, agree via saving a government, offer the following opinion now:
One, attack to rasorial immunity and fowl of epidemic disease area kill offer finance subsidy. To the cost that compulsive immunity place produces avian flu, by the province (contain central subsidy) with city, county (city, area) finance is assumed. Kill birds to because produce avian flu,attacking kind the culturist loss that the animal causes, by money of short for Zhejiang Province by various finance the regulation of 6 files carries out 2004 〕 of farming word 〔 accessorial.
2, protect kind of birds productivity and rasorial breed resource. Kind of birds core base with wide range of big to dimensions, influence, enlarge numerous base and large and medium-sized hatch enterprise, plant by the amount of livestock on hand June 30, 2006 birds is average every 15 yuan of standards grant allowance, what need funds to be mixed by the province city, county (city, area) each are assumed 50% , owe among them develop county (city, area) assume by the province 70% . Ancestor generation is planted birds field and field of rasorial breed resource are preferential enjoy a country to borrow money about circulating fund support, avoid ask for enterprise income tax, derate to collect fees etc give aid to policy. City, county (city, area) people government should is opposite kind of birds field and field of rasorial breed resource take strict segregation safeguard, all round field of birds of counterpoise dibble in the seedsdibbling inside 1-3 kilometer radius all coming loose raise fowl, constituent business is bought.
3, to rasorial dimensions farm (door) undertake allowance. Province finance is right came on November 1, 2005 during June 30, 2006 birds of flesh of amount of livestock on hand birds of 10 thousand above, egg the farm of 2000 above (door) , by production cycle grants certain allowance, plan fund of form a complete set by local government. To be less than the farm of this dimensions (door) , be in charge of making by local government give aid to policy.
4, encourage animal produce to machine distribute industry organization to buy, treatment saves the fowl that press column and birds egg originally. Come from November 1, 2005 on June 30, 2006, to buying, the agricultural bibcock business that processes commodity birds or birds egg to attain certain scale, by province and city, county (city, area) pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of finance arrangement loan or allowance.
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