Shenzhen discusses draft: Violate compasses illicit to raise fowl every punish 1

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Discuss edible yesterday produce and management burning gas is relevant byelaw draft

Standing committee of 4 National People's Congress 4 conferences

Yesterday (on January 18) , committee members of standing committee of Shenzhen city National People's Congress were discussed in group " regulation of safety of produce of Shenzhen city edible (draft) " (next weighing " byelaw (draft) " ) . The reporter learns from which, this " byelaw (draft) " regulation: Jing of appearance of  of cellar of Li of Yao Da ス leans on gun of Jia Lu  to exemplary by small cup of faint of Sui Jian Dun is able to bear or endure  protects   collect to enrol?00 of exhaust belch guest yuan, birds kind every are in 100 yuan only in order to fine.

This " byelaw (draft) " right illicit raised rasorial cattle behavior to stipulate “ punishs ” clause again: &Ldquo; is produced in cultivate birds without examining quarantine perhaps is not had beyond base relevant examine quarantine qualification proves to be engaged in pig, ox, sheep, chicken, duck, goose, edible columbine wait for cattle fowl to raise reach its the product manufactures an activity, give by urban management department clear, confiscate, can press domestic animals every 500 yuan, birds kind every are in 100 yuan only in order to fine. ”

" byelaw (draft) " still made rigid limitation to the environmental protection condition of industrial base, to agricultural base dump the behavior such as liquid waste, waste gas will be punished again. " byelaw (draft) " set: &The area that Ldquo; prohibits producing base and likelihood to affect produce to produce base environment to produce is discharged, dump perhaps is filled bury trash of liquid waste, waste gas, solid and poisonous and harmful material. The person that ” is violated will is in with 10 thousand yuan of above 50 thousand yuan of the following amerce; Cause contamination accident of environment of produce producing area, will be in with 50 thousand yuan of above 200 thousand yuan fine below.

As we have learned, this " byelaw (draft) " already by municipal government standing conference is discussed through, if can be met via members of standing committee of city National People's Congress,discuss this through, will can promulgate formally carry out.

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