Flesh of our country little birds exports an European Union to must abide by con

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1, the company that exports little birds meat to European Union country must obtain European Union country to approve a qualification.

2, the vet expert of European Union committee, in can export a nation jointly when necessary wholesome director authorities (our country is national discrepancy condition to examine quarantine branch) the company that approves to application or the look forward to that had approbated undertake the spot is checked, the examination informs each member of the country as a result.

3, the fresh rasorial pork that export European Union nation and uses at human edible must accord with the following 6:

(1) , Xian Qin flesh must be to come from before be being slaughtered at those courses, examine, its delicacy flesh is OK the fowl of throw on the market;

(2) , shambles reachs the center that pack to must be approbated via European Union country, before assuring to slaughter, in slaughtering, after slaughtering, pack, carry the close monitoring that waits for a process to be in official vet or its assistant entirely under;

(3) , the wholesome requirement that Xian Qin flesh must accord with European Union board to make;

(4) , Xian Qin flesh must supervise Jiashiwei to lay number in vet;

(5) , the packing environment of flesh of the Xian Qin that pack, packing must accord with a requirement;

(6) , the flesh must follow the Xian Qin of exit add commercial only card.

4, to little birds flesh detect the course that must introduce accepted science approbates, unite on European Union or international especially make detect method. 5, rasorial to be being used at the delicacy of exhibition, special research or analysis flesh, must father impose control, make sure this birds flesh is impossible to be used at edible.

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